PM Modi Senses Defeat In Bihar Election: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi takes on "Three Idiots remarks", Congress vice president
Rahul Gandhi (File Photo)

Congress vice president Rahul Gandhi, hitting back at Prime Minister Narendra Modi, over his “three idiots” remark, said Modi is making such remarks as he is sensing “defeat” in Bihar polls.

The 45-year-old congress leader said Modi ji is seeing his defeat in Bihar, that’s why he calls the grand alliance a ‘shitan’ and three idiots. “But he is the Prime Minister of the country and such language does not behove him,” Rahul said.

Addressing the rally at Kishanganj in Bihar, Rahul also accused PM Modi to making only big promises to the poor without delivering on them.

“Your jumlas do not quench the hunger Sahab, the plate of the poor is empty. You are not being able to control the prices of ‘dal-roti’ and you are making big promises to people in election meetings. People will not fall in the trap of your jumlas and promises this time,” he said.

Rahul also alleged that PM’s “remote control is in the hands of RSS”. He said Modi also had a “plan B to pit one Indian against the other”.

“But this plan has also badly failed in Bihar,” he said, adding, “Stop telling lies and start working for the people of the country like Nitish ji is doing”.

The leaders of NDA have lost cool seeing the victory of the grand alliance in Bihar, Rahul said, “Let me tell you that our government will be a government for the people and not a one belonging to the capitalists and people with suit-boot.”

Prime Minister Narendra Modi, speaking at a rally on Tuesday, had said, “I knew there are three partners in the grand alliance – Congress RJD and JD(U). But I wonder why Nitish Babu chose a song from the film Three Idiots for his first Mushaira.”


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