PM Modi Is Insulting His Mother, She Never Cleaned Dishes: Congress slams PM Modi

Narendra Modi in US
Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Stating the PM Modi’s claim that his mother cleaned dishes to make both ends meet was not true, Congress said, adding, Modi is insulting his mother. The remark came soon after a teary-eyed PM Narendra Modi spoke about his mother at the question and answer session at the Facebook HQ, in California.

Congress leader Anand Sharma said, “PM is only about I, me and myself. Have you seen any leader in the world project himself like this?”

He also made allegations of unaccounted funds being spent on PM Modi’s extravagant foreign tours and demanded “an inquiry into funding of Modi’s community addresses when he goes abroad.” He was addressing a press conference in New Delhi. He asked who is paying for all this?

“I have got this probed, it’s not the case,” the Congress leader said. They were not an affluent family but at the same time they were not that poor that they had to work at somebody else’s home to make a living, he added. He states that Modi’s claim that he sold tea in his younger days is wrong and should also be probed. He asked “”His father ran a canteen. When did he (Modi) sell tea?”

Earlier, PM Modi earlier broke down while taking about his mother at the interaction session. Responding to Zuckerberg’s question on his mother’s role in his life, the Prime Minister was overcome by emotions as he talked about his mother’s sacrifices.

‘When I was young, she cleaned dishes, fetched water…,’ he said. ‘If you consider any autobiography, everyone mentions their teacher and their mother…My father is no more, my mother is over 90, but still does everything. She isn’t literate but keeps up with world through news on TV,’ he added.


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