“If I am Bahari, What is Sonia Gandhi”: PM Modi attacks Grand Alliance

Prime Minister Narendra Modi at campaign rally in Bihar 2015
Prime Minister Narendra Modi at campaign rally in Bihar 2015

In a bid to get maximum votes in the remaining phases of the Bihar Assembly Election, Prime Minister Narendra Modi, on Friday, started his address at Muzaffarpur, after addressing the crowds at Gopalganj.

In the Muzzafarpur rally, Modi slammed Nitish for calling him Bahari (an outsider).

“Nitish Babu says that Modi is Bahari. When Bihar has voted me to become the PM then how can I be an outsider?”, Modi asked.

Modi said, when he comes back in the 2019 election, he will have to give an account of the work he has done in his 5 year term as the Prime Minister.

“Congress ruled Bihar for 35 years, Lalu 15 years and Nitish for 10 years. Altogether, they have ruled for 60 years. Have they given you account for the last 60 years?,” Modi asked.

Addressing a rally in Gopalganj, PM Modi asked Bihar CM Nitish Kumar, whether he wanted the old days of ‘jungle raj’ when the region had turned into a ‘mini Chambal’ to return. Modi said, the old days may be acceptable to Nitish, but not to the people of Bihar.

Modi also attacked Nitish Kumar over his 2005 speech in the Parliament, allegedly advocating subquota for Muslims.

“Nitish ji says with temerity–return us the old days. You remember those days when kidnappings were the order of the day, women were dishonoured, Dalits were persecuted, robberies used to happen daily. What happened during the jungle raj. Didn’t they make this area (Gopalganj) a mini-Chambal?,” he said, referring to Madhya Pradesh’s Chambal region.

“Here gun shots were fired indiscriminately on railway stations. There was only one thing that happened here, which was kidnapping. Do you want the area to become Chambal again. Do you want those old days,” Modi asked.

The fourth phase of the election will be held in 57 constituencies spreading over seven districts of the northern part of the state, and campaigning for the phase will conclude this evening.

Districts for the fourth phase are: Sitamarhi, Sheohar, Muzaffarpur, Gopalganj, Siwan, East and West Champaran,

Polling for the fourth phase will be held on Sunday, and fifth will be held on 5th November.


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