PM doesn’t favour politicisation of triple talaq issue


modiPrime Minister Narendra Modi on October 24 said the issue of triple talaq should not be politicised. He said this while talking about the rights of Muslim women.

Is it fair for a man to say ‘talaq’ thrice over the phone and a Muslim woman’s life to be ruined? This issue shouldn’t be politicised, said Modi at a rally in Mahoba (Uttar Pradesh).

Stating that women’s rights should be a development issue, he criticised both politicians and people on TV debates saying such discussions on triple talaq would keep women “bereft of their rights”.

People who participate in TV debates should not make it a Hindu-Muslim issue. The debate should be between those who want reforms and those who do not want reforms within Muslims.

He also said that justice would be given to Muslim women under the Constitution regarding the issue. It is responsibility of the government and people of the country to see that Muslim women get justice under the Constitution of India, he added.

Expressing confidence that BJP would emerge victorious in the UP polls, Modi said the picture is very clear. Just like it was in Lok Sabha polls of 2014, people will give full majority to BJP.

Appealing to the voters to break the cycle of the two parties, he said it is their responsibility to turn Uttar Pradesh into an ‘Uttam Pradesh’.

The power keeps shifting from Samajwadi Party to Bahujan Samaj Party and so on and so forth in the state. It is  high time that one got out of this trap and elected a stable government, he added.