PM comes down hard over BJP members’ absenteeism


Prime Minister Narendra ModiTalking tough with BJP members over absenteeism, Prime Minister Narendra Modi on March 21 said that it was their basic duty to attend Parliament. To ensure their presence, he said he could call them at any given time.

Addressing a BJP Parliamentary Party meeting, Modi said their absenteeism caused delays in functioning of Parliament. Modi quipped, “I cannot attend the Houses on your behalf.”

Though Modi had spoken about absenteeism on earlier occasions, this was the first time that he talked tough on the subject.

Picking up the threads after Parliamentary Affairs Minister Ananth Kumar asked the members to maintain decorum in the Houses, Modi said the members need not be requested (to be present in the Houses); it was their duty. He said it didn’t matter to him if the members were in the Central Hall or elsewhere.

Modi had in the past told the MPs to ensure their presence in the Houses, but never this harshly.

At the same time, Modi recalled an RSS official saying that though the organisation had spread its wings, it was a pity that its members didn’t have enough time to attend a shakha.

Similarly, MPs too nevr have any time to attend the Houses. As representatives of the people, they should be present during Parliament proceedings.