It’s ‘Take in India’: Rahul Gandhi slams Modi

Rahul Gandhi, Congress Vice President
Rahul Gandhi

Congress vice-president Rahul Gandhi on Sunday accused the Narendra Modi government of trying to snatch the land and rights of farmers, and claimed the Prime Minister believes in “Take in India” although he often talks about “Make in India”. He also said that it would benefit only PM’s friends.

“There is no place for farmers and labourers in Modi’s Make in India. He says there can be no Make in India without taking away your land. It is not Make in India but actually take in India. Farmers will not get anything. Only his (Modi’s) friends will benefit,” he said. “Land is like a mother for farmers. Some farmers told me the Modi government was trying to take away their mothers from them.”

Addressing the Kisan Samman rally, organised by her party to celebrate the NDA government’s climbdown on the land acquisition act, Congress president Sonia Gandhi vowed to take her party’s fight for farmers’ rights from Delhi to the States.  She also declared that as long as the Narendra Modi government failed to listen to the farmers, the Congress would continue to act as an obstacle.

“The Congress will be an obstacle in their way whenever they stop giving an ear to people’s problems, whenever farmers are not given minimum support price, whenever drought and flood-affected farmers are left at the mercy of God and the price of edible items is not brought down. If development means benefiting a few persons, we will definitely act as a roadblock in such development,” Sonia said.


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