Piece of peace for the forlorn, the solace seekers


Young healthy woman practicing yoga on the beach at sunset

Here is a little treatment for all those who don’t find it important to calm their minds until mid-thirties, when their bodies start showing signs of hypertension, diabetes, overweight and their minds are unable to handle the pressure of daily chores. But before moving onto the treatment part, let me ask you…

Do you feel dead when your phone is not working?

Aah! This game of never ending phone apps. From Facebook to WhatsApp; Instagram to Twitter – your mobile phone never fails you, be it of any company or brand.

I doubt, if, before buying a mobile phone you even check if the mobile will be able to make a call. The phone’s capacity to store or download apps is more important a feature than the basic purpose for which the mobile phone was invented at the first place.

In this age of Whatsapp and Facebook, when call bills have been replaced by data connection bills, how can you expect your mind to feel at peace. Your fingers move more easily on your mobile screens than they move on your head for the oil massage.

And if by chance your phone is out of battery (the chances of which are quite less as they are constantly on high dose of power- which, by the way, is easier to get than to get a mask of oxygen for a dying human) you feel like somebody has sucked all the blood from your body. Your already anxious mind gets queasier sans your mobile phone. Isn’t it?

Girl With Mobile PhoneThe technology may have been a boon for most but a curse for those who seriously want to find peace and be connected to their own selves.

While you want to live a peaceful and blissful life, rarely you accept the fact that sparing time for your own self is as important as timely punching into your office.

Your routine may be well-packed and may not allow you to add anything extra into it but believe me once you add meditation into your daily ritual, your time table will eventually have more emptier slots than filled ones. That’s what meditation does. There are numberless benefits of closing your eyes and going deep into thyself. Here are just a few.

It increases your productivity and creativity. Research has proved that meditators perform better than others.

It decreases anxiousness and allows you to behave in a calmer way in any nerve wrecking situations.

It improves memory and allows you to filter mental turmoil. Those who meditate are believed to develop a strong memory.

It improves your mood and hence your relationships. Post meditation you feel uplifted and make better connection with your family, clients, friends, colleagues.

It assists in better health conditions. Studies have proved that happy people fight with their illness more easily and meditation keeps you happy. It also helps in better sleep that aids in your healing.

Many people are well aware of the benefits of meditation but keep on struggling on the HOW part of it. How to do it? Let’s find out how to escape from this nomadic mind and enter into a meditative state:

1. Sit in a comfortable position: Sitting still is a prerequisite to meditation and apparently not all of us have learned it. As they say, if your body is not calm, your mind can’t be either. A peaceful place is always a benefit and helps your body to relax more quickly. A still body gives more chances to a still mind. There are many techniques to calm your body. You need to choose what works for you. Three – two- one works best for me.

2. Be assured, all is well: Before you think, Aamir Khan had called me last night to mention ‘All is Well’ in ‘Being You’, let me tell, you are wrong but, the concept is right. In order to stabilise your wandering mind, you need to remember all is well and there is nothing much important which needs your attention right now. Give your fears some space. Nobody is leaving you and you haven’t abandoned anybody.


3. Focus, Focus and Focus: The ultimate purpose of meditation is to give yourself relief from thoughts which keep on engulfing you day and night. Focusing on one object will bring your mind to one point. Many techniques have been discussed to achieve this purpose. You may focus on your breathing which is the only thing that is constant and in present, not in past or future. You may also take a dip in sensory immersion. For example, you may pick a flower as your object of your meditation. With closed eyes, you will trace your vision over each petal of this flower, feel the softness of it, and bring its fragrance into your senses. While you will be so engrossed and focused on this one object that becomes a part of your senses, you lead to a meditative state.

4. Surrender. Universe is your manager: You may be short of time and always under pressure to complete the tasks at hand. Your nagging boss, the deadlines, what to cook for dinner, the crying child or the big grocery list may look like a monster right now. But believe me, everything will be done and that too in time. Surrender all your thoughts to the Universe. You are going to handle everything in the easiest way possible. Believe that you have a manager who is working for you all the time. Staying calm will ripen your meditative process.

5. The harder you try, the elusive it becomes: After meditating for sometime, you may feel a whole range of emotions. You may feel unsuccessful in attaining the peaceful state or you may think you were not able to ditch your constant running thoughts. From doubt, frustration to complete stupidity, you may feel all negative feelings and decide to put more efforts into meditation. But the harder you try, the more elsuive it becomes. The key is to approach it with an easygoing mindset.

6. Don’t give up. Make it a routine: Even if you think you have been on a roller coaster of thoughts all throughout your five to 10 minutes meditation session, don’t give up. Don’t forget you have taken the first step of stabilising your body. You were also successful in setting a separate time for this process, which, with practice will surprise you with amazing results. So, now no looking back. Maintain your practice to reach that thoughtless state with ease.

Yashica Jalhotra’s mobile just got hanged. She has become too anxious to focus on anything. Mail her some tips at [email protected]