Photo feature- Trauma of a 4 year-old rape victim



As if being subjected to a life of abject poverty, at the innocent age of four isn’t harrowing enough, to be robbed of that innocence is a treacherous pain, that is bound to leave the marks of its existence, not only on the external, physical surface of the body, but deep within the psyche of the soul.

The following photo-series takes a peek into the world of the 4-year-old victim of rape, a resident of Keshav Puram, in northwest Delhi, in an attempt to make sense of how the paradoxical surroundings of her world have come crashing down on her, and her family, who had moved to Delhi in the hopes of making a living.

Finding joy, sanity, and calmness, in their decaying surroundings is a task of proportions more epic than they could have ever imagined.

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IMG 5294
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