People eating cow meat seek licence to insult Hindus: Organiser



An article in the Organiser, published by Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh followers,  said that, those asserting on eating cow meat want a license to insult Hindus and silence sane voices.

“So what if the Hindus respect the cow and revere it, so what if it is illegal to serve beef curry in India, so what if Article 48 of Constitution directs the government to protect cows and make efforts to ban cow slaughter, we will eat cow meat. So damn the Hindus, damn the law, damn the police,” read the article.

These people demand freedom to insult Hindus in the name of eating the food of their choice. “The issue isn’t about the fundamental right to eat, but the fundamental right to insult Hindus,” it added.

Referring to the Kerala House ‘beef controversy’, it said, the subsequent protests by Kerala CM Oommen Chandy and other states have shocked the citizens of the country.

Criticising the Kerala CM for calling the Delhi police’s action objectionable, the article said Chandy’s protest was illegal and contrary to the oath taken by him for upholding the law. “In fact, all the CMs opposing the police action overstepped their limits,” read the article.

It said, if any institution or individual protests, “our secular brethren, under Congress-Communist patronage since Independence resign from their posts, return their awards and create an atmosphere that their voices were being throttled under the Modi government”, it said.

“They will further have their global co-conspirators advise Modi government to be more tolerant towards the minorities in the country,” read the article.


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