Patient eats meal on the floor of orthopaedic ward in RIMS


ranchi-hospitalThe poor state of affairs of government hospitals across the country is nothing new. Overcrowded wards, broken beds and unhygienic bathrooms have come about as an accepted reality.

Palmati Devi, a patient of the orthopaedic ward, ate her meal on the floor of the ward in the state’s biggest government hospital, the Ranchi Institute of Medical Sciences. The scene was captured by a newspaper. Before having her meal, Devi, whose arms were bandaged, was asked to clean the floor.

That this behaviour comes not from a hospital in rural areas but from one in Ranchi speaks eloquently of the state of affairs of government hospitals.

According to a media report, BL Sherwal, Director, RIMS said an inquiry has been launched into the incident. “We will take action against those who served the food on the floor and then forced her to eat from there.”

The poor state of affairs of hospitals and how patients are treated came under attention after an Odisha tribal walked 10 km carrying his dead wife’s body on his shoulder.