Patel stir: Gujarat announces Rs 1,000 crore package for Patidars




The Gujarat government on 24 September declared a Rs 1,000 crore package for Patidars consisting of various major for students to assuage the injustice to general-category youths marked by Patel agitation.

Rejecting the scheme as a lollipop for his community, Patidar Anamat Andolan Samiti convener Hardik Patel said the scheme,the Mukhya Mantri Yuva Swalamban Scheme, was only a duplication of incentives given to students in the economically backward category.

Chief minister Anadiben Patel said economic subsidies given to general students were on a par with those given to SC, ST and OBC students. The scheme is likely to cost Rs 1,000 crore per year to the state exchequer.

“Now please stop agitations after this scheme.”  She said suggestions for improving the scheme were welcome. The agitation was bringing Narendra Modi’s ‘Gujarat model’ into disrepute. The situation is a matter of concern.” 

Hardik said, “Justice will be delivered when 20 out of 100 general-category seats that are lost to reserved students are increased for general students.”

Meanwhile, “Hardik at a public meeting at Tenpur village in Aravali district two days ago has used provocative words, which amount to sedition,” said the Guajarat Police in an affidavit filed in the Gujarat High Court on 24 September in an affidavit.

Hardik was quoted as saying, “If the government does not satisfy our demand, then Patidar farmers should remove high-tension electric lines passing over their fields.”

“Those who are not in favour of ideology of quota will come to know their fate,” these words spoken by Hardik were so provocative that they amount to sedition and would result in disturbances in the area, said the police.

The government also submitted two reports in a sealed cover. The next hearing is likely on September 29.


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