Palestine fires a rocket into Israel, no casualties



Hours after Palestinians fired a rocket into Israel, the Israeli Air Force attacked a terrorist hideout in Gaza Strip on 24 June, according to the military.

The rocket fired fell on open ground in the vicinity of Yad Mordechai, referring to a kibbutz near Israel-Gaza border. There were no casualities.

It was the fifth such incident in under a month. The last rocket to hit Israel territory was on 6 June. Israel replied to the rocket attack within hours by delivering it into the the coastal strip. Neither caused any casualties.

“In response to the attack, Israel Defence Forces struck the rocket launcher from which the rocket was fired at Israel, said an army statement, confirming the hit.

Israel went to war against the Islamist Hamas, the alternate power centre in Gaza, aiming to end cross-border rocket and mortar attacks.

The 50-day conflict has killed around 2,200 Palestinians, and 73 on the Israeli side.

More than 1.6 lakh homes in Gaza were damaged, thanks to the conflict.

Meanwhile, the US government rejected any Security Council consideration of a UN report on the war between Israel and Hamas in Gaza Strip.

“We challenge the mechanism which created it,” John Kirby, State Department spokesperson said on 23 June. He warned the US would use its veto to keep the Security Council from seeing the report cut off one avenue of legal action against Israel.

“We challenge the foundation upon which this report was written,” said Kirby. The UN Human Rights Council, a body that Israel and the United States say is biased and targets Israel more than any other country, commissioned the report.

While the report accuses both sides of war crimes, its findings focused more on what it considers Israeli wrongdoing in its operation—Protective Edge.


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