Pakistan military demands foolproof security for Musharraf


Islamabad, Mar 25 (PTI) :Pakistan’s security establishment has demanded foolproof security for ex-military ruler Pervez Musharraf, who is facing a Taliban death threat following his return to the country from self-exile, a media report said.

The General Headquarters wrote a letter to the Defence Ministry seeking security for Musharraf, who flew into Karachi from Dubai yesterday, The Express Tribune reported today.

The Defence Ministry forwarded the request to the Interior Ministry, which will ensure proper security for the former President, the paper quoted a defence source as saying.

69-year-old Musharraf, who ended his nearly four-year-long self-exile, has been threatened by the banned Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan.

In a video issued days before Musharraf’s return, the Taliban said they had formed a special squad of suicide bombers and snipers to target the former President.

The video featured former Pakistan Air Force personnel Adnan Rashid, who participated in a previous attempt to assassinate Musharraf.

Rashid was sentenced to death by a military court but escaped from a prison in northwest Pakistan during a jailbreak engineered by the Taliban.

It was not immediately clear whether the army sought enhanced security for Musharraf on its own or at the request of the former dictator.

Asia Ishaq, a spokesperson for Musharraf’s All Pakistan Muslim League party, said the retired army chief was entitled to security from the military.

She claimed the Pakistan Army took the initiative on its own and not at Musharraf’s request.

Ishaq expressed satisfaction at security measures put in place for Musharraf’s arrival in Karachi yesterday.

She said army personnel, police and law enforcement agencies were providing security to Musharraf.

Talking about Musharraf’s movements, Ishaq said: “We face a real challenge in Islamabad and Lahore and we are analysing at the moment the level of security we may require.”

Musharraf has survived several attempts on his life, including two suicide attacks.


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