Pakistan deports green-eyed ‘Mona Lisa’ to Afghanistan


sharbat_gula_by_damianiNational Geographic’s cover girl, Sharbat Gula, has been deported by Pakistan after the ‘Afghan Girl’ used fraudulent identity papers to stay back.

The green-eyed Gula, who was captured in a picture taken in a Pakistan refugee camp in the 1980s, which made it to the magazine’s cover, was discharged from hospital where she was being treated for Hepatitis C and taken to the border overnight, said media reports.

The Pakistan police arrested Gula after which the Afghan Government urged the provincial government to permit Gula to leave Pakistan after her jail sentence.

An anti-corruption and immigration court ordered her deportation to Afghanistan after serving a 15-day jail sentence, besides penalising her Pakistan Rs 1,10,000.

Gula, called Mona Lisa of Afghan war, was arrested by the FIA for alleged forgery of a Pakistani Computerised National Identity Card.

It may be mentioned here that Pakistan has been fighting the Afghan refugee crisis for more than three decades.