Pak troops cross LoC, kill 2 jawans brutally

LoC fencing in Kashmir. Photo: Tehelka Archives

Jammu (PTI): Pakistani troops on Tuesday crossed into the Indian territory and ambushed an Army patrol party killing two soldiers.

The attack took place along the Line of Control in Poonch district when Pakistanis came about 100 metres into the Indian territory and assaulted the patrol party. Besides killing two Lance Naiks, Hemraj and Sudhakar Singh, they also injured two other soldiers.  The incident took place between Indian posts of Chatri and Atma posts in Krishna Ghati sector at 11:30 AM.

During the brutal assault on the patrol party, the Pakistanis are said to have mutilated their bodies, informed sources said.

Army’s Additional Director General (Public Information) Maj Gen SL Narasimhan said Northern Commander Lt Gen KT Parnaik had visited the scene of action and confirmed that one of the two bodies was “mutilated”.

“Northern Army Commander is in that area and as per him, one body is mutilated.”

He said there was “no doubt” that Pakistani troops were behind the incident and “they seem to have entered the Indian territory taking advantage of the thick fog and mist there.”

Asked about the preparation of Indian troops in the region, Narasimhan said, “our soldiers are on alert and there are Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) on such issues and they are being taken care off.”

Army Chief Gen Bikram Singh has talked to Lt Gen Parnaik on the issue to take stock of the situation there. The Army Headquarters has also briefed the Defence Ministry on the issue.

According to the sources, the Border Action Team (BAT) of Pakistani Army entered the Indian territory at Krishna Ghati area of Poonch district and carried out the strikes.

Army’s Udhampur-based Northern Command came out with a statement terming the attack as a “significant escalation” to the continuing series of ceasefire violations and infiltration attempts supported by Pakistan Army.

“A group of their regular soldiers intruded across the Line of Control in the Mendhar Sector on 8 January. Pakistan army troops, having taken advantage of thick fog and mist in the forested area, were moving towards our posts when an alert area domination patrol spotted and engaged the intruders,” it said.

“The fire fight between Pakistan and our troops continued for approximately half an hour after which the intruders retreated towards their side of LoC. Two soldiers Lance Naik Hemraj and Lance Naik Sudhakar Singh laid down their lives while fighting the Pakistani troops,” it said without giving any further details.

This is yet another “grave provocation” by Pakistan Army which is being taken up sternly through official channels, the statement said.


  1. The death of soldier at border by cross border firing from Pak side is not an isolated incident. There were many incidents happened before, caused death of soldiers and BSF jawans from Indian side. Google search provided me the following incidents which caused death of Indian soldier in a minute-26th December-1 died, 17th august 2012-1 died, 13 th June 2012 -3 died, 15th may 2011-1 died, 11 jan 2010-1 died, 21 sep 2008-1 died, 1 sep 2009-1 died Indian Government failed miserably to stop such death and ceasefire violations. The silence of our Government doesn’t pose any deterrent to Pak soldiers rather it encourages them to repeat it again as they tend to think they can get away even after causing death of one or two soldiers. For a army man, its very hard to sit silently and doing nothing after watching their friends die. Morale of our Army would have dipped sharply. We Indians should stand behind our soldiers. If it costs soldiers life to maintain peace or ceasefire, we don’t want such peace. Government after government in India extended peace to Pakistan, they responded us by sending terrorists to Indian soil. Kindly wake up you politicians, try something different. Everytime you extend peace to Pakistan, you are intentionally overlooking the sacrifice of many Soldiers thereby demoralizing our people.

  2. Let’s be honest and tell the other side of the story here. Yesterday, Pakistan complained about Indian troops cross the border and killing one of theirs. If true, the Indians should have known this was going to go down. Why doesn’t the Indian press report the whole truth? I thought Tehelka was a notch above and would shed light on the entire matter.


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