Over 1500 killed in Nepal earthquake, triggers avalanches at Mt Everest



The 7.9 magnitude earthquake has resulted in unprecedented loss to property and life in Nepal with north and northeaster part of India feeling the jolts as well. Minor damage was reported o some buildings in the national capital Delhi as well. Over 50 casualties have been reported from different parts of India bordering Nepal and hundreds have been injured.

The earthquake was the worst in the history of Nepal’s last 80 years. Its worst earthquake in 1934 killed more than 8,500 people. Among the loss caused by the natural disaster on Saturday has been that of the iconic Dharhara tower and renowned Darbar Square in the heart of Kathmandu. The scale of destruction has led authorities to believe that the death toll will most probably rise.

The Kathmandu International Airport has been shut down. An Indian army mountaineering team found 18 bodies on Mount Everest after an avalanche triggered by the earthquake swept through the base camp.

The epicenter of the earthquake was 80 kilometers northwest of Kathmandu. Reports have pointed out that it had a depth of only 11 kilometers, making the quake the more dangerous and destructive.



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