Outrage in RS over child rape; members demand death penalty

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New Delhi, Apr 22 (PTI): Expressing outrage over gruesome rape and brutality of a five-year-old girl, members of Parliament came together to press for stern action including death penalty, to deal with such crimes even if there was a need to have a relook at the recently enacted anti-rape law.

Members in the Rajya Sabha set aside their party affiliations and demanded a check on atrocities against women with a suggestion that an all-party meeting could be held to find ways to tackle such crimes more effectively.

The House took up an impromptu discussion on the issue of growing rape cases in the country against the backdrop of the incident in East Delhi last week.

Members like BSP chief Mayawati, Maya Singh (BJP), CPI-M leader Sitaram Yechury and noted lyricist Javed Akthar demanded tough action against perpetrators of crime as a means of deterrence.

During the debate, some TV content also came under attack with members saying obscene and provocative advertisements and serials were being telecast which needed to be curbed.

Initiating the debate, Maya Singh referred to the latest rape incident in East Delhi and said the accused should be given “immediate death penalty” without going through a lengthy court trial.

“It is proved that the person has done it (crime). Still, a case will be registered and tried in court. It is a lengthy process. We should immediately award him death penalty. Such people should be hanged,” she sought.

She said the new anti-rape bill should be relooked, if required, to make it further stringent.

That apart, she demanded an all-party meeting should be convened soon to discuss this issue.

The anti-rape bill was passed in Parliament last month against the backdrop of the country-wide outrage over Delhi gang-rape. It aims to provide for life term and even death sentence for rape convicts besides stringent punishment for offences like acid attacks, stalking and voyeurism.

Singh said implementation of laws was very essential and enacting laws was not enough.

Mayawati (BSP) sought police reforms and time-abound action against the culprit as she stressed the need for rising above party politics to curb rising rape incidents.

“During the first half of the Budget session, a strong law was brought in to stop the incidents of rape. But these incidents of rape are increasing…the subject is serious and we should not hesitate to amend it,” she said.

Mayawati also emphasised the need to change the mindset of the society by censure of entertainment channels, television serials and advertisements.

Prabha Thakur (Cong) demanded that the accused should be hanged and an all-party meeting called on this issue.

“Why such people are not hanged? There should be a time limit of one month….,” she said and sought a stronger law.

Blaming the declining values in the society for rising crime against women, Sivanand Tiwari (JD-U) said police cannot do much when the county is facing a “social crisis” due to decline in values.

He suggested that the government to do a “psychological analysis of those people committing such crimes”.

Tiwari also said the police cannot help much in a patriarchal society where women has been made a consumer item.

“In such a situation, how can we protect women and what police can do?” he asked.

Sitaram Yechury (CPI-M) said India rubs shoulders with other big countries but women safety is lowest here.

He said rape incidents have risen after the December 16 incident and urged the government not to take the current Delhi rape case in a “piecemeal manner”

He also blamed the government’s “neo-economic liberalised policies” for unleashing the “animal spirit” in the society.

Ram Gopal Yadav (SP) attributed such incidents to exposure to western culture, movies, vulgar advertisements on television and the erosion of value system in the society.

Disagreeing with him, Javed Akhtar (Nom) said it would not be proper to blame western culture, cinema and liberalisation for the problem.

He pointed out flaws in the system where it is beyond the reach of the poor to seek justice and demanded fast track courts.


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