Osmania Beef Festival: Arresting Hindutva Expansion




The Osmania beef festival of December 10, 2015 became more controversial and more intellectually stimulating than that of 2012 because, even before it took place, the Hindutva forces began to organize anti-beef forces. Since its social base has already shifted to the Other Backward Classes and Lambada Tribals it could not sustain social mobilization with its traditional Brahminic vegetarianism. Since its social base is not under the control of , Brahmins, Baniyas and Shudra upper castes now it had to put its Lambada tribal youth force in the forefront with a counter Pork-Festival proposal. They thought the Muslim population of Hyderabad would oppose it. What they did not realize is the Muslims of India did not kill any pork eater like the Hindutva forces killed a Muslim at Dadri for eating beef. It were the Hindutva forced that have been using cow and beef as weapons for creating communal riots. The Osmania B-Fest is also aimed to stopping this kind of destructive politics.

The Osmania beef festival enlarged its ideological argument of how the Hindu Brahminism is bent upon stopping the brain and body growth of Indian masses by converting Indians into low protein consuming vegetarian forces right from the childhood, which has huge implications for development of India in competition with Europe, America and China, the countries where multiple meaterian cultures are producing more qualitative and imaginative brains. The Osmania debate sharply focused on the scope of intellectual development only in an environment of free food cultural rights being available to the SC/ST/OBCs. At least the Brahmin Baniyas of India, who were the traditional base of RSS were eating protein food by way of consuming milk, butter and ghee, that cannot be easily eaten by the Dalit-Bahujan and Adivasi mass because of its prohibitive costs. They have to get back to the beeferian, meaterian and fisherain foods more so to the cheaply available beef.

The cow protection theory has emerged out of mischievous vegetarianism of Adishankara and it has become a huge problem in the nation. Mahatma Gandhi, who actually came from a Jain Baniaya background claimed that he was Hindu ( with a sense that all Indians are Hindus) and projected cow into being a nationalist animal, while drinking the milk of goat but not of cow. Through vegetarianism, which is also said to be the Gandhian brand of food, the RSS has been trying to co-opt Gandhi. The Osmania school of beeferians also asserted that the beeferian Ambedkarism is different from that of vegetarian Ambedkarism of Narendra Modi. At a time when number of Dalits were getting into the fold of vegetarian Ambedkarism of RSS, Osmaina has shown a path to protect Ambedkarism from the danger of getting co-opted by the vegetarian Hindutva forces, that ultimately protect the interests of upper castes of India.

When the media debates took place though the beef team was represented by SC/ST/OBCs and Minorities, the RSS has put only Lambada boys to represent their pork politics. However, that created a division among the RSS ranks, whether they should go for pork politics or not. After the defeat in Bihar elections, where they tried to bring about beef and non-beef division Laloo Prasad really punctured their agenda by saying that many Hindus eat beef. They Hindutva forces, including the Prime Minister thought that Yadavs of Bihar would turn against Lalu Prasad for asserting that many Hindus eat beef. But the Yadavs understood the game and remained firm on their position of free food choice. In Osmania beef debate many Yadav youths were in the forefront to oppose vegetarian Hinduism. They publicly declared that “we are Hindus and beeferians”. The Hindutva forces had a life time shock. Then they started arguing that we are not against beef eating but why have a festival?

The OU beeferians argued why the so called organic vegetarian festivals in India? Beef, mutton are better organic food items hence why not this kind of organic beef festivals? Ideologically the Hindutva forces and the traditional vegetarian superiorist ideologues had a defeat. At the time I am writing this the debate is still on. The OU beef debate has also thrown a challenge to soft Hindutva vegetarians, who have been protecting Brahminism in many other ways. OU beef struggle is a cultural revolution underway.


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