One million dollar bounty to show Apple iOS 9’s flaws



A few days after its release, a company named Zerodium has announced a million dollar reward to those who come up with vulnerabilities in Apple’s latest mobile iOS 9.

Announcing a bounty, Apple said that it will pay $ 1mn to each individual or team who creates and submits to Zerodium, a browser-based, and untethered jailbreak for Apple’s latest operating system.

Tailored for security researchers, engineers, and jailbreak developers, the programme is open till October 31. According to the company, it will be closed if the total payout reaches $ 3mn.

While this offer may tempt you, here’s something to keep you wary of it. Zerodium founder Chaouki Bekrar allegedly has had an infamous past to his credit. He is the man behind the French hacking firm Vupen, reportedly involved into developing intrusion techniques for software with the aim of selling them to government agencies across the globe.

Bekrar’s past customers for such hacking techniques have included the NSA and NATO countries and NATO partners he declines to name.

ACLU lead technologist Chris Soghoian called Bekrar as “a ‘modern-day merchant of death,” selling “the bullets for cyberwar”.


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