‘One bad incident can’t outweigh the good that Modi is capable of doing’

Kartikey Bhargava
Kartikey Bhargava | 28 Entrepreneur, New Delhi. Photo: Vijay Pandey

Given the options that are before us to choose a leader, the choice for me seems pretty obvious: Narendra Modi. Why, because first you have Rahul Gandhi who has no idea what he is talking about; which worries me. Then you have Arvind Kejriwal, a man who has built his entire political career on spreading lies and pointing fingers. Then there is the Third Front. I don’t want to see the likes of Jayalalithaa or Mulayam Singh in power.

Modi is a good leader. He discusses ideas, philosophy and ways to make things better rather than just accusing other leaders of doing this and that. I read a tweet that has got it spot on: Modi is leading though ideas, Rahul through his bloodline and Kejriwal through television.

I have been to Gujarat and the development is pretty evident. Development is the need of the hour. People say “garibi hato” but how are you going to do it? You have to have a topdown model. If the industry is growing, that means more jobs, more people are getting employed, more employment means more people get educated, it’s a full circle. You can’t give away money like MGNREGA.

If we want development-based employment generation, Modi is the only one who can deliver. He is the only one who has done something as a chief minister. He has the experience. What has Rahul done? Kejriwal had 49 days and he just ran away. Since Modi has no family, he will not push them into politics.

If you talk about riots, it is a very unfortunate reality of India. For everyone who asks me about Modi’s role in the riots, my question is why don’t you talk about Congress’ role in 1984? The Samajwadi Party and Muzaffarnagar? In Uttar Pradesh, there are riots almost on a daily basis. This is a problem that is slightly endemic. I don’t know how many cases were filed against Modi but even the SIT gave him a clean chit. It is unfortunate that the riots happened and that they happen in other parts of India, but one incident can’t outweigh the good that Modi is capable of doing.

However, I must credit Anna Hazare and Kejriwal for waking up the middle class. Had Kejriwal played clean and lost, people who have felt bad for him, but he shouldn’t have held the government to ransom through dharnas. Activism is fine when you are not in power. He ran away from his promises, but yes, he mobilised the middle class, made voting fashionable so people who shied away from politics are discussing it because it has become cool to be politically aware.

As told to Avalok Langer


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