Oh dear, don’t come near, I fear your tears


index Determined to write a volume on the peacocks of this land, I took off to watch them from close quarters. Oh yes, it was one of those prying missions, where the only precaution I undertook was not to drop a single tear. Just in case it impregnates just about someone around! Thankfully, I didn’t have to travel along any of the highways to be butchered by the gau-goondas unleashed all over by the ruling political mafia. Just at the turn towards Qutab Minar I could see Mr Peacock swaying about his wings and his rather plain looking Mrs going about here and there around the lush greenery. Nah, she wasn’t looking teary-eyed but yelling at him, ‘You haven’t found time to make love to me for one full day! Now see what some judge sahib has been saying about us. How dare he spread about such utter nonsense about us! We collecting tears! Taubah …taubah!’

Mr Peacock tried nearing her, “I would’ve taken you to that man’s compound and shown him how passionate we can get, how intense it gets but …”

“But what!’

‘Not safe to travel out. Gang rapes, lynching, what not taking place. Development propaganda only in speeches and files …all going back to those dark ages.’

‘Don’t frighten me by all this! Take me right now to Jaipur, to that man’s lawns …imagine he dragging along tears into our love making sessions as though they some mourning sessions Lets start off now and immediately.’
‘Telling you killings of the two-legged humans taking place on that highway…didn’t you hear of that poor dairy fellow Pehlu Khan and so many other fellows getting lynched!’

‘But we four-legged!’

‘We can be robbed of out tears by reproduction specialists after that crazy theory about our reproduction.’
‘How dare city folks get so judgemental! Frustrated lot. Throwing about bogus brahmachari labels here and there, even on sexy us!’

‘If this mad tears theory picks up then all that bandobast of hiring of wombs will get shoved into shelves and our tears carted from here to there!’

‘Don’t be stupid. You think top doctors will allow any of that to happen! They into big business, putting up wombs-on-rent!’

‘Rooms on rent!’

‘Turning deaf…these human creatures are taking wombs on rent, to carry their children!’

‘You mean uterus on hire! Can’t believe this! Don’t know whether to cry or laugh!

‘Just keep laughing, no tears should flow out …see, I can see tears trickling out from your beautiful lotus -shaped eyes. Control them before some sexologists spots us!’

‘Do your sexy dance for them …seduce them nice and proper!’

peacock-and-peahen‘Useless, these two –legged creatures. No Romeo-Juliet pairs around …all getting killed by the State! Imagine, poor Romeos nabbed and killed by police squads in that Avadhi belt.’

‘Today rulers don’t believe in love!’

‘Said to be yogis!’

‘What! Yogi rulers! The very first thing a yogi ought to do is to give up power. None looking yogis…see, their faces, their eyes, the way they walk …Oh no!’

‘So much fake stuff on!’

‘Fraud faking all over …even on their creaky beds!’

‘Then how do these humans go producing their babies?’

‘Tearing through in some big hurry!’

‘They also using tears or what!’

‘Don’t sit obsessed by tears! They have no time to make love like we do, with all our emotions and passions into play …they are doing some fake stuff in some tearing hurry!’

‘What’s the hurry?”

‘They busy plotting killings and lynching sessions…latest to be killed are farmers. Already six shot dead in one day in one little township of Madhya Pradesh…many more poor farmers killing themselves before killer cops can do so!’

‘These political rulers killing farmers! What will we get to eat?’

‘Plastic rice!’

‘Plastic rice! So many will die!’

‘Exactly! Without bullets! Then these bogus rulers will do big time drama of going on one -day fast and what not! Shame on their sheer sham!’

‘Lies and lies by their top men…even lies about our love making!’

‘You think its safe to be here near Qutab Minar?’

‘Why you asking this?’

‘Why else … because the rulers live close by! Plotting done from here…politics all the way, getting into gang- rapes too! Didn’t I tell you about the four women in Uttar Pradesh who’d kept telling the police-wallahs that they were gang raped but no cop believing them!’

‘Feeling suffocated here. Want to fly out from here …make love to me in the forest of the Kashmir Valley!’
‘We could be tied to an Army jeep as a shield and that will be our end!’

‘How can that happen to us! We azaad panchees!’

‘Did you utter Azaad? Its a banned, banned word! Hundreds of innocent Kashmiris get killed the minute they utter this word!’

‘But isn’t the Army stationed there to protect?’

‘Peacock association members have been getting news that the security forces are tying people to their jeeps, dragging them along …killing them !Boots controlling everything…even news flow!’

‘Something or everything going mad with the human creatures!’

‘Their big heads carrying so much of hatred. Can’t believe!’

‘Can’t believe what!

‘All these rulers say something in their speeches but do exactly the opposite. So much of maar kaat dhaars!
‘It started with the killings of Muslims and Christians and Dalits by these politicians but now many more …the list is increasing. Maybe we birds and animals too on the hit list…some sort of an eerie build –up …look around, there’s too much tension around!’

‘Fly out…from here to there!’

‘Boundaries all around. Fences and what not. Terror charges can be thrown at us! We ripped off of our tears and feathers and what not …if not killed then jailed on any bloody bogus charge!’

‘Last summer before we’d met here, I’d flown that side towards one of the jail compounds … what I saw made me collapse! So much beatings of the jailed lot. Their skulls cracking. They shrieking, some even dying…’
‘Enough! Don’t come up with these details. You know my emotional state…just a bundle of emotions.’

‘Even my anger not subsiding after those mad theories spun by that Jaipur man about our love making …Make love to me! Now …right now.’
It was the most breath taking sight my eyes had ever witnessed. As Mr Peacock neared his Mrs, she looked about somewhat coyly before reciprocating those little pecks …fast graduating to heady passionate ones. His feathers opening out, clasping her and then they went about round and round in semi — circles before settling down. Just about somewhat, their passionate interplay peaked before the actual take off!

Tears of joy trickled from their eyes… In this fake human world, I could at long last witness such ecstasy! Love making in the truest sense. Somewhat curious to grasp some finer details, as I got too close to them they turned and looked at me in that sharp focused way.

Certain that they could try and attack me, for getting a bit too intrusive, I tried moving away, only to hear Mr Peacock comforting his Mrs. ‘Its okay …she was seeing our love. These poor humans, pity them! They don’t get to see love in their world which is overflowing with hatred! They only know how to rape on their mighty beds …or throw about fake stuff!’

As I backed, my foot got stuck in the overflowing nullah, Mr and Mrs Peacock rushed towards me. Certain they’d changed their minds of letting me go scot free; but before I could put up a defence of sorts, I could see him once again comforting his partner, ‘No, no question of troubling her. We aren’t from the Sanghi brigades to go killing and lynching! We got to help her ….begin dancing right till that side, till the connecting road. Crowds will collect to see our dance and then maybe one of them will pull her out from that stinky nullah!’

Retrieved from that nullah mess, I kept marvelling at the peacock pair. Far, far superior and emotional and passionate than us humans.

My dilemma: Do we humans have the moral right to call ourselves superior when all that we are indulging in is killings – blatant killings of unarmed farmers, daily-wagers, protestors, burial –goers, diary owners, transporters, meat consumers and sellers, students, children…not even sparing the languishing under-trials!