Odd-Even Scheme Lowers Pollution, Could Extend: Govt Tells Court


traffic-Police-Delhi, odd even trialStating that fifteen days are not enough for the odd-even scheme, the AAP Delhi government indicated that it may extend the scheme by one more week, following which the court reserved its order for January 11.

“Is it really necessary to have it for two weeks (15 days)? Can’t it be confined to eight days? Can you end it on Friday? People are facing inconvenience. Take instructions,” court bench had asked the government earlier.

Responding to the court’s query whether the formula could be restricted to a week, the AAP government said, “Fifteen days are not enough and, if needed, we may have to go beyond that.”

Harish Salve, counsel for the Aam Aadmi Party government, said that the formula has helped reduce pollution at peak hours. “There are definite positive results of Odd-Even formula. On January 5, PM levels were 391, much less than over 500 in December,” the counsel told the court.

The government needs data for at least 15 days to conclude whether the formula has worked, he said, following which, the court asked why it has restricted only cars under the Odd-Even scheme.

“It was a pilot project. You must have data (air pollution) with you now. Show us how much the pollution has reduced. The people of Delhi supported you despite inconvenience. There is no adequate public transport,” the bench had asked.

After the hearing, Delhi Transport Minister Gopal Rai said “Odd-Even formula will continue till January 15. After that we will look into the statistics and decide the further course of action.”

“We are collecting efficient data with regard to strength and weakness of Odd-Even plan,” he said, adding that the government will take a call after reviewing all data post January 15.