Obama hails call for action against climate change



Welcoming Pope Francis’ appeal for action on global climate, US President Barack Obama said, “We have a responsibility to protect our children from the ill-effects of climate change.”

He said the US must lead this effort and so must make effort to cut carbon pollution and increase clean energy and energy efficiency to promote prudent usage of the country’s natural resources.”

Obama said he was looking forward to discussing with Pope Francis when he visits the US in September.

“As we prepare for talks on global climate in Paris this December, I hope that the world leaders to reflect on the Pope’s call,” Obama said.

Secretary of State John Kerry said, “Pope Francis has applied those same values to the very real threat our planet is facing today.”

The impact of climate change—such as like heat waves, damaging floods, coastal sea level rise and historic droughts – are already taking place across the world. “We have a responsibility to meet this challenge and prevent its impact. As stewards of the planet, we must work together to manage our resources and ensure the poor are determined to fight the impact of climate change,” said Kerry.

“We are equipped with the tools and resources to begin solving it,” Kerry added. US Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz said the Pope’s call to action on climate change is a significant milestone in the global effort.


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