Now Shiv Sena wants mandatory family planning for Muslims and Christians


Shiv Sena chief Uddhav ThackerayAfter saying that Muslims should have their voting rights removed, the Shiv Sena have further enraged the public after the mouthpiece Saamna declared that family planning was compulsory for all Muslims and Christians because their growing population was a threat to Hindus.

They also said that “By only increasing the population, one can try and convert the country into Pakistan, but cannot give quality and healthy life to one’s family.”

While they agreed with the gist of Deva Thakur’s comments, they agreed that it might have better been phrased.

“Sadhvi Deva says that the increasing population of Muslims and Christians is dangerous for the country and they should be, therefore, forcibly sterilised. She should have used the word family planning instead sterilisation.”
The party states that family planning would lead to “happier and healthier lives.”
Shiv Sena leader Sanjay Raut enflamed tension on Sunday when he said that the Muslim population use their voting rights for vote bank politics. Rescinding the privilege would stop it, he said.


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