Now pets may add to family fun during vacation trip


pet vacationAsia’s first multi-sports challenge with pets and pet parents is all ready to take off in the backdrop of heavenly land of Rishikesh this Holi weekend (March 11-13). This’ healthy outstation holiday, which makes it possible for one to travel, hike, cycle, race and raft with one’s pet in idyllic surrounding is a chance that every pet lover in India has till now only dreamt of. Now this is possible.

“Lack of pet friendly travel destinations has till date always kept pet parents from taking their pet along with them when they took a vacation, but we have changed all this totally,” says Rukmini Vaish, whose brainchild Collarfolk is a one stop solution for pet friendly holiday in India.

This time, Collarfolk has joined hands with Aquaterra Challenge-a company which works for adventure sports, and created a novel travel package where you not only take your pet with you but you also get to do a number of sports activities with your pet specially designed by the company that curates pet travel in India. The two organizations pet project has resulted in a pioneer concept, wherein one can make a memorable weekend holiday plan for pet and pet family together.

“I am really excited and I am confident those who take this trip will love it because it is a dream come true for pet parents”, said Rukmini, adding that she had always dreamt of such a holiday ever since she adopted Kiki-her inseparable golden retriever girl. The queries have started pouring in and Rukmini’s team are leaving no stones unturned in making this the most wonderful experience for both the pet and pet family.

It is clear that Asia’s first pet-pet parent adventure is not based on a business module but on the love and concern for pets from a youngsters who has put her heart into a venture that fills her being with joy and peace that comes from doing a good deed.

Talking about the major shift in lifestyle where there is increasing humanization of pets today Rukmini said that young, single, working individuals adopt pets to keep them company, couples are adopting pets before having babies. “No wonder we refer to ourselves as pet parents not pet owners,” she said adding that single pet parent will be the ones who will benefit most from this trip as they often find themselves at a loss as to where to keep their pet when they want to unwind through a vacation. This trip will rejuvenate them, and provide them the much needed pep as they run along in the company of their pet on these healthy tracks.

While Collarfolk has partnered with a number of hand-picked properties across India that welcomes pets aboard. This is the first time that they chose a destination where all pet parents can get together under one roof. Talking about the work they do throughout the year, Rukmini says that their hands are full. While they personally visit all the properties that they recommend and verify whether they meet the pet-friendly indicators they also provide special pet taxis and ensure. Now pets may add to family fun during vacation trip with your pet is easy and fun. These are driven by pet-friendly drivers, the taxis have spacious pet hammocks and back seat barriers for pet safety.

“Leaving your pet behind with reluctant relatives or neighbors or at clumsy pet centers passé now you can take them along and come back happy and not guilty,” she chirps. Rukmini recalls the days when they as a family had to sacrifice their holidays because they did not have the heart to leave their dog behind while they went out and enjoyed as a family.