Now a third bureaucrat too targeted by AAP government

Photo PTI
Photo PTI

In seeking to push its own nominee as chief secretary, the Kejriwal government had made damning observations about another senior bureaucrat who was in line to be the chief secretary.

Official sources said Manish Sisodia, deputy chief minister objected to the claim of 1984 batch IAS officer SP Singh with a comment “we cannot accept him for reasons known to everyone”, stunning veterans in the civil service who could not recall similar instances.

Singh can consider himself lucky for being spared the ignominy that his colleague, Gamlin has suffered because of Kejriwal government targeting her as “lobbyist” for power companies.

Coming after the ouster of Ashish Joshi as the secretary of Dialogue Commission after he protested AAP functionaries’ alleged meddling into government service, the treatment of Gamlin and Singh and the removal of Anindo Majumdar as principal secretary have raised doubts about the AAP government’s ability to carry bureaucrats along.

Majumdar was removed from his post for carrying out the order of LG Najeeb Jung appointing Gamlin as acting chief secretary.

The LG revoked Majumdar’s transfer and is said to be aghast at the widening trust deficit between the government and bureaucracy.

Besides Gamlin and SP Singh, there were two other names on the list — Naini Jaisheelan and Arvind Ray. Surprisingly, however, Sisodia expressed his preference for Parimal Rai who has just returned from Goa and has not been assigned a position yet. Predictably, Kejriwal endorsed the choice of Sisodia. LG, however, refused to play ball on the ground that Gamlin was senior to Rai.

Meanwhile, AAP’s preference for Rai has become a subject of conversation in the home ministry. Ironically, he was among those who were at the receiving end of the anti-corruption campaign of Kejriwal and Sisodia for his alleged involvement in Commonwealth Games scam.


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