North Korea conducts nuclear test, claims to miniaturize N-weapons


Kim-Jong-unNorth Korea conducted its fifth and the most powerful nuclear test after South Korea military’s monitors found a 5.3-magnitude fake earthquake near the main nuclear site of North Korea—Punggye-ri nuclear test site.

As a warning to its enemies, North Korea said that it can now make warheads and attach them to a medium-range ballistic missile.

Emphasising that it now has the ability to counter attack, North Korea leader Kim Jong-un warned his enemies not to tinker with his country.

Although North Korea claimed to have learnt the technique to miniaturize nuclear weapons couldn’t be verified, yet the test underscored the fact that it was taking rapid strides in ballistic missile technology. North Korea’s nuclear test also coincided with the anniversary of its 1948 foundation as a republic.

Meanwhile, US President Barack Obama,said the nuclear test would be met with serious consequences that it deserves. Obama, who is returning back to Washington from Laos, also held talks with South Korean President Park Geun-hye and Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

Meanwhile, Asian shares were in losses after North Korea conducted its fifth nuclear test on September 9, raising tensions in the region, especially when investors are wrestling with slowing global growth.

According to sources, stocks were going downhill when the news hit the markets. With European shares set to follow Asian ones, the prospects of further easing from the European Central Bank pressurised global equities and bonds.