‘No one knows where things are going!’

Saurabh Shukla Photo: Deepak Salvi

Is it easier to make a film these days?
Things are definitely quite different from what they were when I first came to Mumbai 17 years ago. What we used to dream about then is happening now, in terms of making films.

Where do you think things are going?
The beauty is that nobody knows where things are going. That’s why this is such an exciting time. People haven’t been able to nail down a formula. The day they do that, again you will have a phase where you are shown similar films again and again!

Don’t you miss the days of the mass movie?
The days of the mass movie experience are gone but strangely, the monies have really become big. We’ve never had a history of earning Rs 200 crores. There is serious business in this. Agreed, you can’t have a Sholay that was watched by every single person of that time. Now, the film business happens in the first three days. We used to envy Hollywood. But they too had a Joe Pesci who was never a hero in the bigger films until he had My Uncle Vinnie. Today, we have Vinay Pathak after Bheja Fry. He still isn’t accepted as a mainstream hero but he’s made 11 films and is making five more. What more do you want?

Yes, the days of the universal movie experience are gone, but that’s in direct proportion to changes in society. There are no mass movements in society either. Now, it’s all about more niches in the wall.


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