No moral, just another story


The Plot
Income tax officer Bharat Bhushan (Pathak) wins a lot of money and a cruise on a reality TV show. On the cruise are Ajit Talwar (Menon), who starts shell companies to make money, Ranjini (Lamba), the executive producer who BB has a thing for, and the rest of the channel along with on-duty income tax officer and BB’s best friend. A series of lame gags later, BB and Talwar land on an uninhabited island and, well, that’s the film.


Sagar Ballary
Vinay Pathak, Minissha Lamba, Kay Kay Menon

+2 For the conscientious wife of the man who makes khokha companies.

+5 For every good gag/joke idea. Minus 10 for stretching it till it snaps.

+2 Because Bharat Bhushan and his bickering chacha-chachi remind us of Padosan.

+4 For BB ’s trademark laughter. Another six for being more loveable in the sequel.

-10 Because there are countless jokes on class differences and all you brought to the table was a man who is an over-the-top simpleton?

+5 For the Vinay Pathak-Minissha Lamba chemistry. Irritating twosome.

+1 TO Minissha Lamba because where there’s a pool, there’s a hot girl jumping into it. Another point for switching to salwar kameez from hep partywear right after drying up.

+4 To Kay Kay for being old school predatory villain. Plus two because Menon should do a movie where he gets to wear a kilt.

-10 Because the interval sign was up and I hadn’t had a single hearty laugh.

Good settings from two Leo DiCaprio movies (Titanic + The Beach). Great characters. Bad comedy writing! No cookie for you

+7 For a good post-interval scene, with Kay Kay and Vinay. Minus five for a botched Looney Toons ‘stealth’ follow gag.

-8 Because lack of research is not comedy. Ask the Cruise Captain.

+4 For chacha, who shows up on a jet ski with a bikini babe. If we’re a jet ski ride away from shore, what is the crisis? Minus six.

+10For the bromance between MT Shekharan (Suresh Menon) and BB. But we do miss Ranvir Shorey from the prequel.

-7 For no happy ending to a perfect love story!


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