NO means NO! It’s NOT consensual!


lpinkA befitting reply to the society which fails to think beyond THEIR MORALS
A befitting reply to the society which sets the RULES OF MORALITY
A befitting reply to the society which has now STOPPED THINKING!

Amidst the hustle-bustle of our daily lives, we forget to question the so-called “guardian of morality”: our society. Living in such times, the movie Pink propagates the much-needed movement of change, a movement that addresses issues that plague our society and issues that have damaged the foundation of a “free society”. The movie seems to be genuinely trying to change things around by bringing up the basic question of taboos and consent.

Why does a girl need you to approve of her clothing? Why does a girl need to abide by the clock rules? Why does a girl need to act within set standards? Why can’t she live freely?

The movie very clearly points out to the crippling patriarchal society that You and I are part of the same society. Our society believes in silencing a young courageous woman out of its own insecurities. Because she questions, because she likes to walk ahead and because she has a mind of her own!

Are we really scared of the forward thinking and entrepreneurial woman of today who is daring enough to turn tables? Are we trying to prevent a change that she can bring? Are we really scared of progressive thinking?

Even though the world talks about equality and empowerment today, the deep-rooted traditions have been created in a way that suppresses the very foundation of progress. Women are questioned on everything from morality to work and such a framework prevents her from climbing ahead on the path of success. She runs the household, creates policies for governments, creates successful businesses and runs the world like a boss and still what we are concerned about is the time she enters home at night?

Are we still living in the stone age? Have we not grown up with time? Or Are we just wearing a mask to protect the male section of the society?

The movie was a blazing indictment of the reality that we are living with or being forced to live with. “Pink” is a genuine effort towards telling the world that “We need to break free”.

The woman is an as important section of the society. She needs her own space and can make her own decisions to govern “her own life”. Living by the rules set up by a rather scared society will do no good to anyone. She needs to have the freedom and the liberty and only then can we have more female torchbearers of progress and success.

When she says no, read that as no? It denotes non-consent. No means she is not interested. No means she is denying for “whatsoever you have asked/forced for.

You cannot comment on “her character” for her dressing, her timing and her profession. It is her right to live like how she wants to. Set her free. Let her free. Break free.

Let this be the onset of a society that does not look at the woman as an object but gives her the “Right to Live”. Sadly but yes.