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The Bhutto Murder Trail
The Bhutto Murder Trail
Amir Mir
280 pp; 495

Amir Mir spills all. Except the identity of Benazir Bhutto’s killers, says Sushant Sareen

IN A COUNTRY that can be termed the Mecca of Byzantine conspiracies, high-profile political assassinations invariably create a cottage industry in investigative reportage. Benazir Bhutto’s assassination was no different. Unfortunately nothing has shed new light in unveiling the real culprits. Authors have more or less used facts related to the case and circumstances surrounding the assassination to point fingers at their favourite bugbear. While some writers have tried to implicate Asif Ali Zardari, others have named the mullahs or the military (which, to an extent, is the same thing in Pakistan). Journalist Amir Mir doesn’t pull punches in squarely placing the blame on the former Pakistani military dictator, Gen Pervez Musharraf. But while Mir’s reasoning and the facts he has marshalled make his arguments seem convincing, they are not quite. Perhaps, this is asking too much from a journalist, more so when the military establishment has stymied the current government headed by Benazir’s widower from getting to the bottom of the case. While Mir does uncover the elaborate cover-up and deliberate obfuscation that followed the assassination, and his conviction that the military was behind the assassination is plausible, his book’s forte lies in laying bare the deep linkages of the Pakistani military establishment and the jihadist terrorist groups.

Sareen is a political commentator and the executive editor of Public Opinion Trends


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