Nitin Gadkari wants farmers to embrace new technology

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Nitin Gadkari

Advising farmers to stop relying on God or government, Union Minister Nitin Gadkari said they need take charge of their own lives to improve the lot. The minister, who was addressing a gathering at the inauguration of Krishi Vikas Exhibition at Science Core Ground  also asked the farming community to change its mindset and embrace new technology to achieve success.

 “Don’t rely on God and government. Farmers must take initiative on their own to ameliorate their lot. You yourselves are the architect of your lives. You yourselves can change your own social life, provided you adopt new technology that is based on innovative entrepreneurship,” Gadkari said.

“This agro exhibition is for the overall development of Vidarbha farmers. Learn from the experts the new technologies and enrich and encourage yourselves from the success stories. That will pave the way for your success,” he added. “If you change your mindset and take training, agriculture will definitely change,” the former BJP chief said.  The Transport Minister also asked farmers not to lose heart even in times of crop failure. “Study the cropping pattern and change accordingly,” he advised.

 Stating that farmers of Vidarbha were facing a number of issues, Gadkari said “it is essential to convince them of the importance of adopting new technology. Though the farmers are in crisis, they cannot afford to be depressed. The way has to be found through these crises,” he said.


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