NIT Srinagar reopens after cricket controversy


NIT1More than three months after it was shut down following police lathi-charge on the outstation students, the NIT Srinagar reopened today. The campus was completely normal with non-local students who had left campus returning to attend classes.

Early this month, the NIT had become focus of the media attention after clashes on the campus erupted when Kashmiri students celebrated the loss of India to West Indies in World T20 Cup. The non-Kashmiri students objected to the celebration pitting the two student groups against each other. This brought police on the scene. And when non-Kashmiri students tried to march outside the campus, the police used force to break up the protest, injuring some students.

But today the students seemed to have put the episode behind them. “Students behaved normally today. Both local and non-local students interacted among themselves,” said a Kashmiri student. “Kashmiri
students have no demands. Only non-locals have still some grievances which they want to be addressed”.

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According to the Registrar F A Mir, all the demands of the outstation students except relocation of the NIT outside the state have been accepted. “There is no issue now,” he said. “All students who had left

have returned now. Normal class work has begun”.

However an outstation student from New Delhi said that they still had some issues. “Not all our demands have been addressed,” he said. “There are security and the academic issues which need to be taken care of before all outstation students develop confidence to go back”.