Nirbhaya case: Women’s safety has gone for a toss, say women’s groups



Nothing much has changed when it comes to women’s safety even as the country observes the third anniversary of Nirbhaya’s brutal gang-rape, which led to a public outcry and forced the Centre to formulate a new anti-rape law.

“Nothing has changed in Delhi. Has the security apparatus been strengthened? The gangrape has triggered a public outcry, and that’s about it,” said Centre for Social Research director Ranjana Kumari.

“Only when examples are set do will those unleashing violence against women and raping them be  punished. For this, the mental make-up has to change first,” she added.

The juvenile convict, the most brutal in Nirbhaya gangrape, will away free from the detention centre on 20 December. And to rehabilitate him, the Delhi government will grant Rs 10,000 and sewing machine to him.

“That he may walk away free speaks volumes about the way things have changed in the past three years,” said another activist Kavita Krishnan. “A new anti-rape law was formulated, fast track courts established, funds allocated, but where is the implementation?”she added.

Earlier on 15 December, the Centre asked the Delhi High Court to extend the detention of the juvenile saying there were many aspects missing from his post-release rehabilitation plan.

The National Human Rights Commission (NHRC) issued conditional summons to the Delhi chief secretary, police commissioner and the Union home secretary following their “failure” to produce reports on the juvenile’s release.

Annie Raja, general secretary, National Federation of Indian Women (NFIW), said, “It is not that initiatives haven’t been taken, but there is no accountability due As the Centre and the state government pass the buck.”

Meanwhile, several events, including candlelight vigils and art expos wil be held in delhi on 1`7 December in Nirbhaya’s memory. Nirbhaya’s parents along with women’s and citizens groups will mark the day as ‘Nirbhaya Chetna Divas’ at Jantar Mantar, it was learnt.