Net Neutrality emerges victorious


Net-neutrality-internet-free-the-internet-indiaThe panel report on Net Neutrality by The Department of Telecom (DoT) Panel led by AK Bhargava has been made public.

 The report has battered  telecom companies and has laid down recommendations that have been enshrined, and aim to make sure that internet in India remains free and fair for all.

 A few of the 24 recommendations by the department of telecom are as follows:

  1. The Committee unhesitatingly recommends that “the core principles of Net Neutrality must be adhered to.”
  2. The international best practices along with core principles of Net Neutrality will help in formulating India specific Net Neutrality approach. India should take a rational approach and initiate action in making an objective policy, specific to the needs of our country. The timing for this is apt, taking into consideration the exponential growth of content and applications on the Internet.
  3. The primary goals of public policy in the context of Net Neutrality should be directed towards achievement of developmental aims of the country by facilitating “Affordable Broadband”, “Quality Broadband” and “Universal Broadband” for its citizens.
  4. New legislation, whenever planned for replacing the existing legal framework, must incorporate principles of Net Neutrality. Till such time as an appropriate legal framework is enacted, interim provisions enforceable through licensing conditions as suggested by the Committee may be the way forward.
  5. National security is paramount, regardless of treatment of Net Neutrality. The measures to ensure compliance of security related requirements from OTT service providers, need to be worked out through inter-ministerial consultations.

 According to reports, the panel has upheld Net Neutrality in order to facilitate PM Modi’s recently launched “Digital India Project”. Prior to the verdict, social media was rife with netizens demanding open access to the internet, in light of threatened Net Neutrality.



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