Nestle India makes over packaging of Maggi noodles



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Nestle India has slightly altered the packaging of its Maggi noodles. According to experts, they show that the company is playing safe, especially after a ban which had damaged its image.

The pack no longer states, “Maggi masala noodles is a source of protein and calcium: essential nutrients for you at all stages of life,” It has been replaced with “Consume along with fruit and milk.”

“Product packaging is a good medium and can be used to educate and inform people,” said a spokesperson. “There is no change in protein and calcium content in the product, but we give a message of balanced diet. Hence the reference to milk and fruit, which is being made since last December.”

The following statement that said, “70g of Maggi masala noodles provides 10% recommended dietary allowance (RDA) of protein and 18 per cent RDA of calcium,” has also been removed. The list of ingredients and nutritional information, however, remains the same. Nestle India told ET that it sought to help people by informing them about a balanced diet.

The messaging shows a careful approach, said brand consultant Harish Bijoo. “You have a politically correct instant noodles pack now,” he added.

Sunil Alagh, former CEO, Britannia, said, “This move is aimed to gain people’s trust and confidence, which they are trying to rebuild. Also, they have left themselves open to attack by competitors.”