Nepal’s Tragedy: Earthquake death toll over 6,100,angry survivors target relief convoys

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Nepal Earthquake: A home ministry official said the 6,134 fatalities had been confirmed, with 13,906 injured.

On the 6th day following the devastating earthquake mercilessly gutted several parts of Nepal, the death toll has risen past 6,100 as fresh aftershocks and the stench of rotting bodies make it hard for nervous survivors to return to their homes.

A home ministry official said that 6,134 fatalities had been confirmed, with 13,906 injured.

After the 7.9 magnitude quake devastated the Himalayan nation with a population of 28 million, disposal of hundreds of bodies still being recovered after six days has become a problem for officials who have ordered immediate cremations.

“Morgues are full beyond capacity and we have been given instruction to incinerate bodies immediately after they are pulled out,” said Raman Lal, an Indian paramilitary force official working in coordination with Nepali forces.

According to reports, thousands of villages have been devastated, with up to 90% of clinics and schools in some districts rendered unusable. Nepalese finance minister Ram Sharan Mahat said that at least $2 billion would be needed to rebuild homes, hospitals, government offices and historic buildings and he appealed for help from international donors.

“This is just an initial estimate and it will take time to assess the extent of damage and calculate the cost of rebuilding,” Mahat added.

Meanwhile, for allegedly slow pace and inefficiency of the relief efforts survivors reportedly began attacking and looting relief convoys in parts of the country. In Sangachowk village, angry men, along with some children, captured three containers of tents and other items that were being transported by the Nepal army, according to TOI.


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