Nepal earthquake: India does its bit in the time of crisis, lends a helping hand


nepal quake

With over 1500 dead in Nepal, the earthquake that jolted Nepal and parts of India has left officials in an utter state of shock. Describing the catastrophe, as “our pain”, Prime Minister Narendra Modi along with the country’s best has come forward to mount a massive rescue and relief operation in Nepal. Apart from setting up a 24-hour control room, the external affairs ministry has also sent four aircrafts including a C-130 plane carrying three tonnes of relief to the capital, Kathmandu.

A 40-member National Disaster Response Force (NDRF) along with equipments that were readied for relief and rescue services would be sent to Nepal to help the people. Along with that, medical supplies, blankets and special engineering teams would be sent from India to Nepal.

Air India and Spice Jet will also operate additional flights to Kathmandu. According to Defence sources, Indian army will also be sending Major General JS Sandhu to Nepal.

As of now, 55 Indians have been rescued to Delhi from Nepal on a C-30 airplane. According to reports, the rescued Indians have thanked the rescue operations and the Modi government profusely for their quick response.

The earthquake that recorded 7.9 on the richter scale occurred earlier today had claimed more than 1500 lives in Nepal. According to reports, at least 36 people have been reported dead from India.



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