NDTV’s way to protest ban on India’s Daughter- Runs blank screen for an hour


Picture Source: Twitter

Picture Source: Twitter

In an attempt to protest against the government’s decision to ban the airing of BBC’s controversial documentary India’s Daughter, NDTV ran a blank screen with only a reference to the film’s title and a diya for an hour between 9 PM to 10 PM on Sunday. It is the same slot during which the film was to be telecast on the channel.
Sonia Singh, editorial director at NDTV, tweeted a screenshot of the blank screen and wrote, “We won’t Shout but we will be Heard”.
The documentary about the December 16, 2012 gangrape was banned by the government claiming that proper approval was not obtained by the filmmakers to interview one of the accused. It was also alleged that the film would hurt India’s image.
The ban has created a furore as witnessed on the social media since it is seen as a threat to free speech. Despite the ban, the film was telecast in the UK by the BBC. It also went viral on social media after it was uploaded on Youtube.


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