Narendra Modi to lead 40,000 people in asanas at yoga day event



Prime Minister Narendra Modi will participate in a yoga performance in Chandigarh while 57 union ministers—10 of them in Uttar Pradesh—will go across the country to take part in government-sponsored yoga events on 21 June.

Around 40,000 people from Chandigarh, Punjab and Haryana will take part in the main yoga event—entry will start by 4am and close by 5.30 am at the venue. Also, people will do yoga asanas at 180 centres.

On the D-Day, Modi will do yoga asanas with the participants after addressing them. The Chandigarh administration has spent Rs 42 lakh to put up 40 LED screens to telecast the proceedings at the venue, 300 prefabricated bio-toilets, 300 dustbins and bought 1.25 lakh water bottles for participants.

Apart from buying 30,500 blue, pink and other coloured Indian-made mats with the Yoga Day logo on a 12 lakh sq ft area, 100 ushers have been hired to escort VVIPs and the general public.

To avoid disruption of inter-city bus service, the administration has decided not to use CTU buses for transporting participants to the venue. UT deputy commissioner Ajit Balaji Joshi said school buses and those of private transporters will be used for the purpose. “Since schools are closed for summer vacations, the buses will be free,” said Joshi.

The participants, who have been given Aadhaar-linked radio frequency ID cards, will be allowed to carry their mobile phones. Also, a zone has also set apart for taking selfies.

Sculptures representing 21 yoga asanas will be placed across the venue. Also, the administration has imposed prohibitory orders under Section 144 of CrPC within 200-metre area around all routes which the PM is likely to take. These orders were also imposed near Capitol Complex and Punjab Raj Bhawan from June 20 to June 21.