‘Modi is concerned about his dreams alone’

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Congress general secretary Rahul Gandhi, in his first campaign appearance in Jamnagar, Gujarat, on Tuesday 11 December whetted his attack against Gujarat Chief Minister Narendra Modi by calling him a ‘marketeer’.

The Gandhi scion went on to say that people’s voice was not heard in Gujarat and that their leader was only concerned about fulfilling his own dreams not theirs. He further alleged that Modi was making false claims about Gujarat’s economic progress, and the truth lies quite to the contrary with corruption and unemployment ailing the people there.

The Congress leader also said that Mahatma Gandhi was his “guru in politics”. Responding to his comments, Modi said (at a separate rally), “Rahul Gandhi said he follows Gandhi’s footsteps. Gandhi-ji wanted to disband Congress after independence and this wish of his will definitely be fulfilled by Rahul baba.”



Gandhi also accused the Gujarat CM of ‘curbing’ the opposition’s voice in the Assembly as it is in session for only 25 days in a year and frequently thrown out of the house. The Congress leader also pointed out that there is no Lokayukta in Gujarat and 14,000 RTI applications are pending as government does not want to divulge any fact as it would lead to an exposé.

After Prime Minister Manmohan Singh and Congress chief Sonia Gandhi canvassing for Assembly polls in Gujarat, this was Rahul’s first rally in Gujarat. The Congress leader, who is expected to take up an important role for the 2014 Lok Sabha elections, is aiming to improve the Congress’ performance in the state. The Assembly elections in Gujarat are crucial for the party. However, despite the canvassing, the Congress chose to keep away from references to the 2002 Godhra riots and other matters relating to communalism. Instead, the Congress chose to attack the Gujarat CM on his false claims about the state’s progress.

Polls in Gujarat will be held on 13 and 17 December.


Tehelka’s Special Correspondent Brijesh Pandey says that despite Gandhi’s direct attack on Modi, it has come a bit too late. “I consider this visit of Rahul Gandhi to Gujarat a little too late in the sense that the area in which the first phase of polling is to be held is the area, if you can consider it, where BJP is at its weakest. The Saurashtra region is the area where Keshubhai Patel, who has formed his new party, is giving a tough time to the BJP. This is the area also, where the Patels, the most influential and dominant sub-caste in the region, is reportedly very upset with the ruling party. This is also the area where Kanubhai Kansaria, one of the ex-members of the BJP, is fighting as an independent. And this is the area, unfortunately, where Rahul Gandhi chose to make a visit, just 12 hours before the first phase of the election ends.”

“Rahul made all kinds of noises, without mentioning the word Narendra Modi once and kept on targeting the Chief Minister of Gujarat, but I have serious doubts whether this last minute dropping in of Rahul Gandhi will have any serious impact on the fortunes of BJP per se.”

“One thing is clear from what he spoke today, he stayed away from issues like 2002, the riots the subsequent killing of Muslims. While we saw Sonia Gandhi trying to target him on issues of corruption, we see him targeting Modi calling him a marketeer, especially for bringing Tata Motors to Gujarat.”


  1. “Congress chose to attack the Gujarat CM on his false claims about the state’s progress.” – This phrase does not sound like the Author is putting the view of Congress but like this is His View.

    So much open Political Bias?


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