My Enemy Slapstick


My Friend Pinto

Raaghav Dar


Prateik, Kalki Koechlin, Arjun Mathur

The Plot
Friendless simpleton Pinto (Prateik) has just lost his mother and is headed to Mumbai to stay with his estranged friend Sameer (Mathur) but he will end up meeting Mumbai, or at least Raaghav Dar’s comedic reimagination of Mumbai on New Year’s Eve. And teaching all these people that life and happiness can be simple.

By Mona J

Stills from the film
Stills from the film

+10 To Prateik, He works like a charm. Even with the serious dialogue crisis the script seemed to be facing.

-4 For The Thompson-Thomson- inspired henchmen who just didn’t fit into the setting and their angry, scheming boss Raj Zutshi.

+4 For The Weekend At Bernie’s/ Jaane Bhi Do Yaaron tribute. Minus four for the same.

+4 For The Don-Gone-Clean Trope, but minus six for Makarand Deshpande’s consistently bad Hindi.

+4 To Divya Dutta as B-movie star Reshma and plus six to her when she’s drunk and tickling Pinto and pillow-fighting with her retired Don-lover.

-5 Because While All The Non-Criminal Characters Were Real and their comedy was also realistic, the criminally minded were cliches not native to the setting and too loud.

+2 For The Scene Where The Retired Underworldmeets small-town Pinto, in a musical instrument shop.

-5 Because Everyone is around the same construction site. Too much coincidence spoileth a modern comedy.

+4 To Prateik And Kalki’s Chemistry in the second scene in the movie. They overcome bad writing with sheer acting chops.

-10 If You Need To Show fake lightning effects to show electric shock. Education called, says it wants its dignity back.

+2 Because The Random Assortment Of Characters that Pinto bumps into and the actors that play them was potential.

+5 To Zig Zag Zindagi, the song and all that happens in the song, minus five because except for tightened versions of Prateik-Kalki, Don-Reshma song, you didn’t need any other.


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