1. These new records of unprecedented barbarism were an experiment and symbolic in itself. The problem is the hateful perceptions built in the Hindu’s psyche and that’s why every injustice and cruelty against muslims is justified in their eyes. No wonder men eating predator Narendra Modi is being cheered for PMs post.

    • muslims are fighting everywhere and over everything in world …lets talk about muslim cruelty towards non-muslims which is much more prevalent eg in pakistan bangladesh…better still lets talk about history of hindu muslim riots in india….it has been established many times,by investigating bodies that it has ALWAYS been the muslims who INITIATE the riots..hindus dont have the time to hate/love muslims….we are busy and happy with our lives….its the muslims who have issues and grievance against anything that is non-islamic

      • Are you bloody blind? Read!! What here says that a Muslim started this!! Also, I am not saying that if someone hurts you you should go and kill some innocent person who is not even related in some other part!! If you say this is how it should be done, then brother, you are probably the biggest terrorist alive!!

        • It seems that you have completely missed out on the fact that these riots were triggered by the killing of 58 kar sevaks. If you follow global news then one pattern clearly emerges that muslims are not at peace anywhere in the world.
          In India though there has been friction between communities but it has never reached to such heights. If the VHP and the RSS wanted to eliminate the community they could have achieved this right after the partition like Bangladesh and Pakistan have been systematically killing Hindus. These riots were provoked.
          I still condemn this act of violence. To be honest, the incidents seem so inhuman that I didn’t have the courage to complete the article.
          Lastly, I would appeal to Muslims all over the world that please learn to stay in peace and respect other religions.

          • “If the VHP and the RSS wanted to eliminate the community they could have achieved this right after the partition”

            Dear Heston,
            Muslims ruled india for more than 1000 years, if they wanted to eliminate the hindu community not even a single hindu whould be alive not even to keep in the museams.

          • So u r justifying our fellow men Killings! is that what you religion teach? Respect other religion! Brother thanks but for your information kashmir terrorist targetting all indian bunkers military squadrons etc..etc…. but can u show me any evidence about targetting templesin kashmir infact terrorist know! its not fair to deal with such manner….. my dear fellow man if you guys think of repecting other religion then why do you go with babri majid demolition? think brother….all you need is tit for tat…… do you believe this will work for democratic india? sorry it may b usefull for facist india…….

          • Dear Samir,

            The reason Muslims ruled for 1000 years in certain parts of India was because they understood that even if they as much lifted a finger to stir the hornet’s nest of Hinduism, they’d meet Allah sooner than they could imagine. Hence like prudent rulers ruling on certain parts of India, they left religion to skirmishes and destruction.

            Whole sale eradication was not possible. Although attempted a couple of times by some rulers they never succeed.

      • YOU ARE A SICK PERSON. For lack of an appropriate term in English, “DHARTI PE BOJH like all the murderers and rapists mentioned in this article. These guys and people like you would have been very useful to Hitler.

        SICK SICK SICK!!!!

    • It’s people like u and mr. Muneer above who encourage violence and go out in the streets and rape and kill. Feel ashamed. Innocent people are dead cos of stuck ups like you two.

      • Naima, I think Muneer and you are on the same side. He isn’t saying the killing is justified. It seems to me as if he’s being sympathetic towards Muslims but his grammar is obscuring his meaning. He definitely called Modi a man-eating predator, though.

        Doremon, I won’t think up an intellectual reply to you since I doubt you’ll even come close to understanding it. Hence I say to you, “Opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one.” Fuck yours, you are one.

      • Naima, I think Muneer and you are on the same side. He isn’t saying the killing is justified. It seems to me as if he’s being sympathetic towards Muslims but his grammar is obscuring his meaning. He definitely called Modi a man-eating predator, though.

        Doremon, I won’t think up an intellectual reply to you since I doubt you’ll even come close to understanding it. Hence I say to you, “Opinions are like a** holes. Everybody has one.” F*** yours, you are one.
        (Haha, censoring my comments on the internet, what next?)

        • yea patting your own back after writing some nonsensical BS really shows your intellect ….opinions are like assholes….o what a original comment….last time I heard it i laughed so much that i fell off my dinosaur …why don’t you try making me understand you man-whore…people here will see if you make any sense

          • Mr Doremon brother…first of all we should know that everyone knows using abusive…so talk like a decent educated person…and second if anyone says that godhra kand was reaction to the killing of kar sewaks…then let me tell u u r justifying each and every terrorist in the world who kill innocent…there are terrorists who think they are just taking revenge by killing innocent ppl…i can get u hell lot of reasons and facts to prove that it was either just and accident or pre planned accident…and not muslims behind it…and even if 1 or 2 or 10 or 20 muslims did that then punish those ppl…hang them i would say… and not kill 2000 innocent ppl…brother do u have u any idea what those ppl went through…we protested so much for damini rape in delhi…but in godhra kaand 1000 of gals were raped…their breasts were cut down by sword and mostly in front of their relatives…just for a second put urself in their shoes brother…u will realize.

          • I think the putting it in double quotes clearly means the statement isn’t mine. Guess you’re not familiar with the practice of correct citation.
            Me, a man-whore? Nope, just whore.
            I abandoned religion because of idiots like you. But if Muslims are persecuted I won’t stand by watching.

            PS. I do love dinosaurs!

  2. Until Kashmiri Pandits get rehabilitated, why waste secular sympathy on Gujurat riot victims

    Has any of these secular scumbags done an interview with the Hindu families of the Godhra victims ?

    There were 254 dead Hindus in the Gujurat riots, and no secular scumbag has ever done a story on their sufferings at the hands of muslim mobs

    • Shanbarani! Brother/Sisiter, The investigation about Gujrat Massacre,a worst int he mankind. Indians face shame due to this illicit act by the barbaric Narendara Modians. Just becasue you are hindu and they are Hindu, don’t be sympathetic. We should not sympthise for Terrorists, no matter whatever their religion. Please pity for the people of Gujrat who no matter Hindu or Muslim. Please pity for them the all our brotehrs. No doubt Muslims were killed more and more and they are still living in fear in thier homeland. We ourselves not ready change our mind and pusnih the mobs who committed the unforgettable crime.

      Mr Ashsis Ketan, India sautes to you kind of real humans.

      • you are a person with pseudo secular mentality like con-gress ….and yea my email is sharmav25@gmail.com
        don’t you fucking dare to threaten me with calling me by my name you yellow journalist…..and YES narendra modi is one of my favourite leaders…..what the fuck are you going to do about it?

        • Doreman aka Sharmaji, You like Modi means nothing wrong. If you are really a Hindu brain washed ideologies, go and find what the veda talk about. Do you what is ‘Kalki’? Go and read now please. then you won’t hate Muslims. Do you know ‘Azeem’ who was put behind bar by Andra Police for Mecca Masjid blast. The same place ‘Asimanatha’, the master mind of the blast also put on the jail. Yet this Muslim youth ‘Azeem’ was put by injustice, he was helping the ‘Asimanatha’. He act like the servant. He also a Muslim. That changed Swmai Asimanatha. He accepted the crime. Thos whole story about the all the blast. Whole India came to know the true faces of Hindu RSS groups. What do you think this Muslim ‘Azeem’, will you hate. I know you need to see a doctor. Don’t belive everything. Try to analyze they need your sole turn again Muslim that’s all. ONce you die and put behind bar, no one will take care. Ask your companians who killied Mulsims Gujrat Massacre, No RSS leaders ever visit the jail to see them, never take care their familieis. Don’t be the victim of Hidnutva. Be the Indian and kind to fellow Indians be a Muslim, Hindu, Sikh or Christian or atheist. Please respect Mr Majumdhar, you can find a person with non-biased mind.

      • Mr Kunal Majumder, You have done a wonderful job. Keep on brain washed our Hindu brothers talking about Kashmiri Pandits, let them go and read to know their story. Similary every issue where they have been given ideas just against Muslims. No Need any proof. When there is truth, they are not ready to accept because they are RSS brain washed terrorists. We the Indians pround of you.

        Kindly don’t waste your preicious time with the terrorist in the name of Doreman.

      • HiPrshant,

        Mr Majumder putting post for the question raised by the right wing man doreman. First article a denial of Kashmiri Punndits chase by Muslims. Seond a article about current situtation of Kashmir Punidits.

  3. Really our nationalism is of different magnitude from rest of the civilized world , answers to Gujrat Riots are 84 riots, Godra, Kasmiri pandit , r we so blind in our hate for each other that we cant even d taste brutality of this kind? Thanks Mr Ashish atleast there r few like u left to keep some hope alive in the idea of india.

    • Yes Danish, our nationalism is at a different level.We rush to bring to the fore faults of only one community. The Muslims may at will be violent, take away innocent lives as an act of god and continue to destabilize society but their acts are always justified.
      Violence involving muslims is not just isolated to India but to the whole world. The closest to home being the ethnic cleansing of hindus in Pakistan and Bangladesh.
      Please don’t get me wrong. I am against what happened to the victims in gujrat but i have always heard tragic stories of the muslims. there were casualties on both sides.why the media has been shy to report those?
      Muslims should learn to co-exist with others not just in India but the world.

  4. Ashish Khetan: What kind of role is being played by our media? Are you aware of how much is true in these stories and why do you like to dig those graves again and again when Gujarat is now the best place to leave life and achieve new heights in development. I request you to stop digging each other grave and start working on new thoughts and creative ways to uplift the young generation then telling them these old stories which does not help to progress. Please I request you to stop these kind of articles and be more responsible for building new generation in India.

    • no society can move ahead without justise , if one of your family member was burnt alive or your mother was raped than i would see how you would have talked about the best place of Gujrat

      • @danish: I never expected you can reply in such a bad tone. That shows you what kind to family you come from. So you mean to say your family member was burnt alive and your mother was raped. OK think logically do not reply in same tone as you are brought up. Here is my question:

        1. Give me one place in the world where Muslims are said to be good citizens
        2. Give me one place where they have no issues with the government
        3. Give me one place where cockroaches cannot stay
        4. Give me one place where non-muslims are happy with there fellow muslims

        Better hold your words tight before answering in your family-background language.

        • Kaveri! Bigotry, bigotry, bigotry! Aren’t we being particularly nasty today, or is that the usual for you? Can I get you something else? A serving of genocide with a dash of xenophobia and a witch-hunt thrown in?

          I bet you’re a sad old person who doesn’t know the first thing about development, freedom of press, freedom of speech and (sadly) human rights.

          • well, i would invite some of these people to a battle of wits, but since they’d be unarmed and unprepared it would be worthless. Don’t bother wasting your breath (or fingertime) on the opinions of morons.

        • It’s really sad that people assume so many things about the world and its people. Nothing actually ever has to do with religion, it’s the incredible potential for inhumanity (ironic that word) and violence that humans have, and people are bad because they are capable of being bad and everything else is just an excuse or justification wrapped around our need to inflict pain and violence.

          To answer most of your questions above, here is what i know of to be true and i’m sure there are more…

          Qatar, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Bahrain, Tunisia, Oman…

          How many nations do you know of that are happy and without conflict of some sort regardless of a religious context?

    • kaveri,
      you’re right.gujarat is now the best place to “leave” life, not “live” life.lolz.
      anyways,you sure look hit in the chest,by the accuracy of the facts reported here.And let me tell you,every bit and piece of information on this page is true.Why should we just move on?No.we should not,till the perpetrators of such henious and dastardly acts are booked.And why should the world only be shown the brighter picture of development in gujarat?You should learn to live with your imperfections.Similarly,you should have no qualms in accepting those of the (Gujarat) state.
      Commendable job,ashish!
      keep up the good work.

    • Naxal Hindus also killing other hindus , Hindu LTTE also Killed other hindus so as per you it justify all the hindus killing , its this kind of thinking of your type of antinational which is preventing my country to prosper

      • please get your facts correct. Naxalism is not a religious movement. infact, its not hindus but christians who have been known to fund these terrorists. as far as LTTE goes, again it was not a hindu movement. LTTE represented only the tamils of Sri Lanka be it muslims,christians and hindus. one of the chief deputies and closest friends of LTTE leader Mr. Prabaharan was the late Mr. Charles Anthony who died on the front was a christian.over the last several years bishops of the Catholic Church and Church of South India and priests of the Methodists Church in Tamil areas supported LTTE.

    • Mayaji, your opinion shows pretty much how deeply the venom of religious fanaticism has been injected into the minds of India. The real threat to India in the coming years is the ideology of Hindutva, and I fear that Narendra Modi will incite another Holocaust should he become the Prime Minister.

    • Shame on you! You are someone who I would never respect in my life and not a decent human being would too. You say terrorists are all muslims??? Who are you to judge them all?? who appointed you at the jury?
      “Whatever is happening to Muslims is what they deserve for the right reasons”???
      You should be ashamed of yourself.

  5. Sir, Thanks for your Vivid flashback of what happened 11 years ago. I deeply criticize Narendra Modi for having this in his State.
    BUT Why dont you bring up all that has happened with the Sikhs in an around Delhi in 1984? Was that not barbarism? Godhra death toll was 1200 but that of the Delhi incident of 1984 was more than 3000.
    How can you Brand Congress Secular? is this the secularism they have showed for one of the most minority communities in India?
    The way you freshen up the Godhra wounds in the mind of the people is praise worth but please dont forget that there was been far more heinous and condemnable acts which people are tending to forget. You should bring a flash back of that also..anyhow..i know you wont…THE PRESS FEARS THE CONGRESS SINCE THEY ARE IN POWER AND WONT DARE TO WRITE UP SOMETHING THAT IN FUTURE CAN BRING DOWN THEIR ELECTROL COUNT

  6. While i have & always will respect ashish khetan for the kind of investigative work he’s done in the past, i still take strong objection over his choice of words for Modi & RSS. He’s no idea about the ideology of RSS and what nation building and relief work they have done in the past. Ashish know but won’t admit that Riots of communal nature are of always the worst kind and can’t be blamed on one person alone. Our country by all means is peace loving and people across all faiths are busy in their lives and majority of them has moved on. You should do away with selective reporting about these issues as Gujrat has moved on & it’s too you let us move on too. If you dig up the past of riots in our country, all you’ll get is Dirt.
    If you believe what you wrote & really got clinching proof then why havn’t you produced your proof in court. What are you waiting for? Christmas??

    • Anurag Kaushik ji ,What argument you r making Like RSS Hafiz syed also run Hospitals etc does it free him from the terrorism he has done ,Move on means what ,r u saying we should also forget Mumbai attack ?? the fact remain RSS propagate divisive ideology , they go against constitution and sprit of Secular India by there Hindu Rastra propaganda .If you know RSS well please enlighten us what role RSS played during Freedom struggle , Didnt VEER SAVARKAR gave written pledge to British that he will always be loyal to British Crown and fulfill his promise till his last breath . let focus on solving problem of our country and fight unitedly against all the Laskars ,RSS Bagrang Dal VHP etc

    • This so called ideology of the RSS is not very different from those of the Taliban and other fundamentalist groups- which is sectarianism. You saw the hypocrisy propagated by the RSS when Mohan Bhagwat claimed that India’s villages are pure and free from rape, while most rapes, honour killings, child marriages and what not are rampant especially in these areas.

      You say Gujarat has moved on and that we should put the past behind us. Then why destroy the Babri masjid, which was built 500 years back and nobody of that era survives today? Or how would you feel if you were born a Muslim for no fault of yours and your wife, mother or daughter was raped and mutilated before your very eyes? And how would you feel if you were then said to let bygones be bygones?

  7. Great! Next article 1984 genocide, Kashmiri Pandit population. Hindus still turn out to be minority when it comes to killing. Still waiting for a hindu to make a beheading video and proudly put it up on web… or wait that’s my muslim brothers job.

    • How insightful, ABC! You seem to be a scholar who knows exactly what the Quran says (I shall state that this sentence was sarcastic since you might be too daft to get it). Fanatics who have twisted the ways of the holy book have no place in Islam.

      I’ve shed religion partly because I’m so sick of all the stereotyping. To idiots like you, I say go get a life. Fight climate change or something. Do something useful. Which I shall do now, since I’ve spent enough time typing this out. Hello again, econometrics.

  8. In the land of Mahatma Gandhi’s birth, ‘ End Justifies Means’. Anything that is appreciated and supported by the majority population is justified in a democracy. That philosophy of Modi is, of late, widely accepted by countries after countries of the world, especially the European countries.

  9. Kaveri..I appreciate your urge for ‘progress’ but if you think writing such articles and getting to the depth of the issue is a deterrent, I beg to differ. If you think going back to history is not required then kindly explain the hatred that breeds in minds of many many Indians against not just the Muslim community but many different minority groups and has persisted over centuries or you think that is because we all keep going back to ‘incidents’ which happened earlier. I request you to not be blind while thinking about the country progressing for which, I think first we need to understand what respect for another human being means which clearly seems invisible in the many many reports especially on the Gujarat 2002 riots (or pogrom, as it is popularly called).

  10. After reading this, I have now made up my mind that I will vote only for Modi. Even after 11 years, you have to stoop to this level of advertising your articles & remind people, means Modi has not done any wrong. Law of the Land prevails. Your covert exercise to defame Modi, will not bear any fruit. He is now destined to WIN.

  11. Brutality is brutality no matter where It is performed. Be it a Muslim, Christian, Hindu, Jew, or an atheist-its a human life. Clearly, there is no regard for human life. What is described above is barbaric-completely BARBARIC. It is evident that the entities responsible for such a heartless, repulsive act have no soul and no faith in their being.

    May God help the people of all civilizations and races to find peace amongst each other and with each other.

    It is disgusting how there is no worth for a human life.

      • danish if you dont want to move on then lets not even forget the kind of atrocities muslim rulers have committed against hindus. the muslims vehemently protest any harm to their community anywhere in the world.let me also lend my support to my hindu brothers.
        do muslims have an answer to the genocide of 3 million hindus in bangladesh? can they answer the abduction and forceful conversion of hindu girls in pakistan?
        sir, the fact is that fundamentalist muslims destroy and then liberal muslims cover up.
        lets not forget this article is written by a non-muslim. has an muslim media house ever published any wrongdoing of muslims?

  12. Anurag Kaushik ji ,What argument you r making Like RSS Hafiz syed also run Hospitals etc does it free him from the terrorism he has done ,Move on means what ,r u saying we should also forget Mumbai attack ?? the fact remain RSS propagate divisive ideology , they go against constitution and sprit of Secular India by there Hindu Rastra propaganda .If you know RSS well please enlighten us what role RSS played during Freedom struggle , Didnt VEER SAVARKAR gave written pledge to British that he will always be loyal to British Crown and fulfill his promise till his last breath . let focus on solving problem of our country and fight unitedly against all the Laskars ,RSS Bagrang Dal VHP etc

  13. No doubt the riots were unfortunate, but can any one newspaper or channel even talk about who started it and why the boggies were burnt? What happened in Godhra before the train arrived and how things fell apart after that? How was responsible for that? Have the culprits been convicted?

    We see article here and there on this, once in a blue moon about this but nothing which would educate people properly. All articles on Gujarat riots just talk about the riots after the train burning. Not a single article which in unbiased and talks about every event how it actually happened.

    • All guilty of sad Godhra train burning incident punished by HC . Many of them got Fansi, Life term,10 years. Govt(not peoples) appealed against decision to give all of them Hanging.

      On the other hand not showed interest for riots (sponsered). thats why NGOs , Medias(Only courageous), Peoples who love unity cries over riots only now.

  14. And with 2014 General elections beckoning,this paid media full of hypocrites and sickulars go on over-drive licking the asses of their madam at 10 janpath…will they ever stop????…they don’t believe the judiciary,the police ,the democratically elected government…y shud v blv them,bloody double standards messiahs of the public..hell with u!!!!

    they can just raise and re-raise the bogie of 2002,and hope that people of this nation be also vengeful and jobless like them
    i know recession times make u slog hard…all the best khaitan

  15. Many people have commented that we should allow bygones be bygones … I find some of the arguments to be absurd.

    History has been witness to the fact that heinous crimes have been committed against a myriad of demographics due to multiple prejudices, biases and for pure political and economic gain. While we will never be able to stop such incidents from happening, what provides us solace is the hope that justice will be done, or perhaps there is a glimmer of justice being done. The impunity with which the Nazi’s operated against the Jews is a prime example of how the world allowed such crimes to happen, in the years since the fall of the Nazi’s we have seen that there have been retributions for the perpetrators of such crimes – human beings are capable of doing what is right in terms of meting out justice.

    While there might have been a “provocation” for such acts, it does not mean that the actions can be condoned by virtue of the “provocation” itself. The acts being unlawful, heinous and against the accepted norms of human behavior, must be punished and justice must be done.

  16. Investigative, political journalism needs to ask questions on state and administrative lapses, which Mr. Khaitan does with dexterity. All the people he has interviewed on which he has substantially based his narrative are mostly the accused of these heinous crimes. Babu Bajrangi and Suresh Richard should be hanged for what they did, if their guilt is proven in a court of law. But, lets not blame any religion for their actions, because in my opinion the perpetrators are simply not humans. I mourn for all the people who were killed, in naroda, but I also mourn for the victims of the Sabarmati Express burning.

  17. Dear Mr. Ashish.. it would be good if you could also write what triggered these riots… all these years people only talk about what has happened to the Muslims in the riots.. no one seems to be worried about what happened to the hindus before these riots.

    We are a secular nation, isn’t it about time we get out of these caste based discriminations and treat all religions equally?

    Why is it that Muslims are made to feel they suffer more?? Aren’t Hindus or for that many other religions suffering equally?? Are girls from other religions not being raped and tortured? What is government doing about this?

    Has Narendra Modi treated the Muslims of Gujarat any differently than the Hindus? Are not all religions flourishing under his reign? Is that not reason he is winning consistently?

    When Owaisi made those comments about Hindus in Hyderabad no one seemed to have felt bad about it? It took more than week for the police to realize what he did was wrong? Is this what we call democracy???

    Until when will Muslims remain a minority? Its high time even the Muslims realize politicians are only making merry by playing with their emotions. They have no meaning what so ever with the well being of the Muslims. They just want to use this caste card over and over again.

    Wake up people of India and choose your government wisely. And don’t give heed to the media these days who are only behind getting TRPs, its no longer responsible journalism in India. We need to make our decisions without getting influenced.

  18. Please read the 1921 article by Gandhiji on communalism on the web.

    I think keeping an open and forgiving mind is essential to understanding both aspects of the question.

    ‘There are only two kinds of people in this world- those who do good and those who do evil; there is no other difference between them- neither caste nor religion nor region.’

    Those who kill are killers; they are not Hindus or Muslims (in ‘any’ riot/genocide/war). Both Godhra and Naroda massacres were inhuman. The plight of Kashmir refugees is no less. Extremism (religious/racial/provincial etc) is present in all religions, all countries and all societies. Democracy is about the majority’s outnumbering those extremities. Politicians have time and again used this powerful tactic (divide-and-create-polarisation-through-‘victimhood’-and-conquer) to manipulate democratic values. I believe that the idea of India is inherently linked to the idea of democracy. Let us take an unbiased look at the complete picture and then decide what we as democrats need to do. If indeed there was state collusion in the case it is a blot on India.

    Islam does not promote violence. It literally means ‘peace’. Nor are the majority of Muslims violent. They may be uneducated, biased and poor which makes them vulnerable. Similarly Hinduism does not speak of violence. But there are millions of poor Hindus which can be manipulated by extremists to serve their ambitions. Those who can must promote the middle path. An atmosphere of distrust will only poison our country’s values. Neither of the communities can ever dispose of the other completely. Those people who are in favor of retaliation and conflict have no place in a democracy.

  19. human rights are only for muslims and not for hindus . we kashmiri brahmins are living a life of refugee in various states of our own country and not even a single politician has come to our rescue and only great Bala saheb ji came forward pray for Hindu unity

  20. In the true spirit of Islam,let bygones be bygones,let the wounds heal,live and let live,we are all products of the same Entity we term as God,we all eat.drink.enjoy all the same common things.as eye for an eye will make the whole world blind.(mahatma Gandhi)move on and hope for the best.life is too short for regret and revenge.what goes around comes around.let nature take its course and have faith,as you sow so shall you reap……i know not making much sense,but way too much hatred going around……forgive and forget and you shall never regret.god bless.

  21. A pack of wolves, cowards, napunsak. If you have the guts fight one on one, man to man. But no with the help of police, administration you rape and kill, children, women, young and old and say this is bravery and take pride? This was the last time, Indian Muslims may have restrained, held back owing to some hope of living & expecting mercy from the killers but nay. However Next time I am pretty sure they will fight to death, even women and children as they know instead of begging to the monsters and dieing hard and having miserable end, they can fight and taste death gloriously while sending some bastards to hell. Naare-e-takbeeer Allaho Akbar. Neither we are cruel monsters (as we are made to be) nor we are timid and vegetables since we believe if we win we are ghazi (winners / saviours), if we lose we are shaheed (heaven bound). A win win situation for Muslims just the intentions to be correct as all actions depend upon intention in Islam. We have prepared our minds, we won’t go down easily this time In Sha Allah (God willing). Beware dont mess with us you pack of wolves taking glory in killing women, old and children, we wont do that but we won’t spare the men against us. The men you are sincere, secular, just and social non-muslims, please leave the unjust people, next time they will target you, just waiting for an evil opportunity. vampires need to feed themselves. Study Islam from the sources Quran and Sunnah and give it a chance to improve your hereafter.

  22. Please read this blog to know about the Truth behind Ayodha which started all these issues.


    Looks like we Indians does not even understand what religion is for. We just use religion to prove our dominance to each other rather serving the humanity.
    Both these blogs, shows how an individual’s agenda has destroyed thousands and millions of people life’s.

  23. i want to say some hindu blame muslim and reverse but did u ever care to read Vedas or biblr or Quran.

    u all negative commenter dont know ur parent means u r killer of humanity, u rkiller of ur country, u bloody killer for ur society.

    sorry friend if u r in poletics like RSS, Taleban, and USA W Bush, then u r correct.
    if u know ur parents love them, love ur society and some time read all holy scripture with pure mind.

  24. Another fake cooked up article from tehelka which is basically funded by extremist elements and is totally anti hindu. What anti it just hates hinduism . I just never got one thing why tehelka never talks about godhra. NO godhra no riots. As simple as that. The hindu population of pakistan reduced from 30% to less than 2% . Now thats islam the religion of peace. They are not happy in any country . There isn’t any country where a muslim is not arrested for terrorism. The root cause of it all . Its clear that in their religiou book calls for killing of infidels.. And thats what they did in godhra. Innocnet children and woman were burned alive in a preplanned conspiracy. Wow in a hindu majority country these people burned alive hindu woman and children. But guess what nierther tehleka and none of human right group even cared. They were happy laughing. Oh these are hindus they should die. In a state with 90% hindu population a group of muslim in open day light burn hindu woman and children and guess what. still in riots close to a thousand peopel die and out of which 40% are hindus. Imagine something like this happens in a muslim majority area would any hindu would ahve been alive . I guess we all know the anwer. Still they are the victims they are the innocnnet. they plant bombs all over kill people in the name of religion all over. and they are victims. These fanatics. would not stop till they kill all of non muslims and than they would kil themselves too like they are doing in pakistan . But i won’t just sit like coward. As much i want peace. I won’t bow down to thsi devil idiology.


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