Muslims should not give birth to more than two children: Togadia


praveen togadia

Vishwa Hindu Parishad (VHP) acting president Pravin Togadia said, Muslims should be punished if they give birth to more than two children, while pointing towards an increase in Muslims in India, according to the religious census report.

“It is a must to implement the two children norm irrespective of the political pressures. It is must that after two children, there has to be the strictest of curbs. Perhaps a punishable criminal offence and stopping ration, jobs, educational facilities will streamline population facilitation towards better development,” he wrote in the RSS mouthpiece, ‘Organiser’.

Pointing to the rise of Muslims and decrease in Hindu population in many regions, Togadia said, “Hindus in Afghanistan, Iran, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Uganda and recently in Kashmir vanished; they were hassled and killed in ethnic cleansing and hoarded out with terror and threats. Systematic growth in Muslims in India; it is not a mere accident.”

Blaming governments for the “lop sided” growth in Muslim population, he said most socio-economic decisions depend on them. Muslims use the vote-bank so they compel the electoral system to give them benefits in education, jobs, loans, properties and many such socio-economic aspects.

Spitting venom against Muslims, he said, “We must resolve to immediately tackle the alarming increase in Muslim population and safeguard “will safeguard India and ensure total Hindu well-being”.

He said, “When it is convenient to them, they claim that they are the poor, underprivileged minority’ and when it comes to do ‘Vote Jihad’ they claim that they are the second largest majority.”


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