Mummified Punjabis

Stills from the film
Stills from the film


Pammi Somal


Kirron Kher, Kanwaljeet Singh, Jackie Shroff

The Plot
Kirron Kher is an urban, modern Punjabi mother of two sons and a daughter. And she keeps treating her daughter like a son and the sons like daughters. The kids get married and migrate to the US of A one after the other, leaving behind a lonesome twosome: Mummyji and Papaji. And then Papaji dies.

By Avesta Choudhary

Stills from the film
Stills from the film

-8 For The Bad Script Of The Film.Minus two because there was actually no script in the film. Cashing in on caricatures based on stereotypes does not even work for Saturday Night Live all the time.

-10 For Kirron Kher, The Protagonist Who Fails Us.Minus 10 for the horrible item number. We would rather be dancing to Dostana’s Maa da laadla.

+4 For Divya Dutta Who Plays The Maid With More Fluent English Than Her Mistress. Plus one to the director for setting the film in Chandigarh because who does that these days?

-10 For The One-Song Marriages. Is marriage a more extravagant affair for Punjabis?

+4 For “Main Aapko Apne Charno Ki Daasi Banaake Rakhoongi” Line from the NRI daughter-in law, the only line we found funny in the film.

+5 For Divya Dutta’s Sympathy-Advice Business Model. Rs 10 for sympathy and Rs 20 for advice? What an idea, Divyaji!

-10 To The Colourblind Make-Up Artist. Dude, what is up with the green and yellow eye shadow?

-8 Because When And How And Why Did Papaji Die? Or do we have a Body of Evidence sub-plot in here? Because Mummyji and Papaji were singing a song exactly a transition ago.

-5 Because Why Did He Have To Lovingly Come Back As A Ghost?To excavate Mummyji’s hidden, loud, filmi Punjabi from the layers of widowy dullness?

-10 Because The Only Consistent Feature of this feature was the ill-timed transitions and cuts.

-5 Because Why Is There Not Even One Memorable Song In This Film?At least one pop bhangra hit or a melodious Punjabi folk theme tune would’ve helped.

-8 Because The ’90s called and they want their dialogues (Paraya dhan? Gaalon ki laali? Seriously?) and their background score back.

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