Mumbai top cop Rakesh Maria feels the heat over meeting Lalit Modi



Mumbai Police chief Rakesh Maria has found hilalit-modi-Rakeshmself in a spot of bother. Reason being, his meeting with the former IPL chief Lalit Modi in London last year.  Maria had met Modi in London, in 2014, as the latter sought the help of Mumbai police to survive a threat on his life, from the underworld . Maria says, he was attending an official conference in London where Modi’s advocate approached him and invited him for a meeting, in this regard. The Maharashtra government has taken the alleged meeting seriously and Chief Minister Devendra Fadnavis, has sought clarification from Rakesh Maria regarding the meeting, which took place on 17 July, 2014.

Rakesh Maria clarified to have apprised the Home Minister, the details of the meeting, soon after his return. “It may be recollected that as Joint Commissioner of Police, Crime, Mumbai, in year 2009-10, the crime branch under me had foiled an attempt on his (Modi’s) life by the Mumbai underworld”, said Maria. Maria is also said  to have informed Modi during the meeting, that, Mumbai Police has got no jurisdiction in London and he will have to come to Mumbai to lodge a formal complaint.

Confirming Maria’s timely correspondence with the Home Minister, state home minister Ranjit Patil said, “Only the records will clear what compelled Maria to meet  Modi and what transpired between them. The Additional Chief Secretary (Home), the Chief Minister and I will go through the records and get back to the media.”

“As Commissioner of Police many people approach me with complaints. After coming back, I met the Home Minister, told him about it and put this on the records of Mumbai Police,” Maria added.

The details of what transpired in the 15 – 20 minutes long meeting, were given to the Anti Extortion Cell of Mumbai Police for discreet inquiry at their end, Maria added.

Rakesh Maria has recently been in the news, as Mumbai High Court stayed the judicial proceedings initiated against him, following the order by the State Information Commissioner, in connection with the discrepancies found in cell data records of the police control room he had manned on the night of November 26/11 2008 Mumbai  attack.

Maria is known for his investigation of 1993 serial blasts in Mumbai and has been credited with solving the case.


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