Mr Som, Practice Before You Preach


 Sangeet Som

 Flanked by his cronies and under a cover of Z category security, sporting a saffron colour sash and with a vermillion teeka, spitting communal venom in every second sentence, positioning himself as one of the important torch bearers of Hindutava in Hindi heartland is 43-year-old Sangeet Singh Som. He who is an accused in one of the macabre communal riots which took place in Muzaffarnagar in 2013 is also a member of legislative assembly from Sardhana in Uttar Pradesh. However, the politician who is known more for fanning communal fire rather than doing some development work in his constituency is caught on a wrong footing once again.

The same politician who after Dadri lynching incident gave the statement: “A strong law should be enacted against cow slaughter. Killers should be booked under section 302 of the IPC. An MLA’s job is also to deal with those who slaughter cows, who molest your sisters and mothers. I have done precisely that. This SP government likes those who kill cows. I fought for you in Muzaffarnagar,” is also one of the founders of India’s leading halal meat export companies.   TEHELKA has asses to documents which prove that Som, who has been advocating death penality for cow slaughter and swears that he despites being a Rajput he never at meat, along with one Moinuddin Qureshi founded a company , Al-Dua Food Processing Private Limited in year 2005. The company deals in meat and meat products export. Al-Dua claims to be a leading producer of halal meat from India. Intially, when the news of Som involved in meat export business started doing the rounds, he flatly refused his involvement with Al-Dua. He challenged that the moment it is proved that he has to do anything with meat business he would take retirement from politics.

However, the documents with TEHELKA clearly establish that Som was not only one of the promoters of Al-Dua but also reaped financial gains from the meat export for a considerable period of time. Official filings with the Registrar of Company Affairs show that the company purchased a piece of land for Rs. 30,78,000 in 2005-06. It was only in 2008, that the controversial MLA transferred his 20,000 shares in Al-Dua to one Nasira Begum at Rs 10 per share.

Those who have seen the rise of Sangeet Som in UP politics confirm that his involvement with the company. “He knows that hate politics is working in his favour. Tell me, who knew him before Muzaffarnagar riots. He now understands the pulse of communal politics and doing all this drama to further his political career,” says Ajay Pradhan, a government school teacher in Sardhana.

TEHELKA tried to take the version of Sangeet Singh Som on this story but despite repeated efforts he could not be contacted. Meanwhile , Al-Dua website claims– “ Al Dua Food Processing are specialists in the export of quality halal buffalo, sheep/lamb, goat meat and hides.”


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