Movie Review – Katti Batti is a rampaging monster


katti-batiThere are times when you wish you could shake a director for getting carried away. And there are times when you wish you could shake yourself for expecting a miracle out of a half-baked movie plot. Nikhil Advani’s Katti Batti, unfortunately, belongs to the third category — in which you sit with Advani and watch TV wearing a dunce hat. The hush-hush around sex and Bollywood disintegrated a while back when Ambar half-heartedly moved in with Nikhil in Salaam Namaste. Though avid Bollywood film buffs had their first gasp of culture shock back then, all of us, including our papa, mama, granny et al learned to get over it. Not Bollywood though. Katti Batti, in a similar vein, belongs to the group of films designed to make the audience ‘gasp and reel’ at the perils of live-in. Just that it also has other dramatic elements that make you doubt your decision of buying an expensive ticket.

The movie begins with an inebriated Madhav (Imran Khan) mistaking phenyl for beer and drinking it trying to drown his sorrows. If this doesn’t make you raise your eyebrows a la Imran Khan, the next few scenes delving into Madhav’s love story will surely do the trick. Madhav is in love with Payal (Kangana Ranaut) who prefers to keep the relationship casual. However, Madhav wants more so he decides to get her to agree to do the same through emotional blackmailing. Once, Payal decides to move in with him, the couple goes through up’s and down’s until Payal ups and leaves. A heartbroken Madhav sets out in search of Payal, hoping to get her back.

Once this plot is established, Advani leaves us with nothing but random straws such as a one-sided-love-celebrating music band, a friend who sends compromising photos of a woman to another man to seal a deal and a throwback to Kal Ho Naa Ho. At certain junctures, the movie has a heart. Delivering a decent performance, Imran matches Kangana effortlessly. Ranaut has nothing to do most of the tim, except to be an extension of Tanu, until the climax. But even that piece of tear-jerker awardwinning performance does not save the movie from being a rampaging monster all along. If this movie bombs, it is entirely your fault, Mr Nikhil Advani.


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