Movie Review: “I” is like a mix of science-fiction and kitschy soap-opera


I-MovieThe beauty is demure, sculpted and prone to sudden bursts of sentimentality. The beast is well, beastly, harrowingly hirsute, sports a pair of horns and dances like a nightmare! But not for nothing have they said, “Love is blind…” You have to watch the churlishly named movie — “I” – to see this adage play out on the silver screen.

 Directed by Shankar and starring Vikram, Amy Jackson and Upen Patel, among others, “I” stands out, if for nothing else, then for taking up such little space in its title. Sounding dangerously egotistical and narcissistic – after all, just yesterday we used to have acronyms for movies (remember DDLJ, KKHH, KKKG, KPNHJ, HADMRH, RHTDM…) – “I” has a surprisingly petite title. But that’s where any references to “short” end.

 Shankar’s penchant for larger-than-life spectacles finds resonance here and he makes it play out over more than three hours! In this strange mix of science-fiction-meets-kitschy-mythological-soap-opera,Vikram plays a body builder, Lingesan, who is full of admiration for Arnold Schwarzenegger and affection for supermodel Diya, played by Amy Jackson.

 He takes his affection for the two personalities with names beginning in A, to another level, by carefully curating, in his bedroom, a box full of women’s products – all of them endorsed by Diya and plastering his gym (named after the Austrian bodybuilder and movie star) and the rest of his house, with posters of Arnold.

 Although they try very, very hard, AR Rahman’s music and PC Sreeram’s cinematography are unable to pull the movie back from the brink of box office indifference. The only saving grace in this fantabulous saga from Gagaland may just be the movie’s excellent Computer Generated Imagery (CGI), fantastic prosthetics and the beautiful, almost-fragile-from-grief Amy Jackson. She does her best to act pretty (and she succeeds effortlessly!) in other-worldly song-and-dance routines that require an unprecedented leap of imagination to pull off and carry through. Just like the movie! Shankar, try something closer home next time, Da!


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