Movie Review: 5 reasons to watch (Fast and) Furious 7



When it comes to the Fast and Furious series, writing a review seems like a redundant activity. It’s not one of those films that you spend time analyzing. It’s a visual experience.  A film about speed, thrill, action and traditional roles of gender, something that’s so glamorous and easy on your brain that you stop think altogether.

Hence, instead of writing a high-brow review let me give you a precise list of why one should watch the latest in the series, Furious 7.

1. Style quotient: If you care about being cool then Furious 7 is your graduation certificate. This film is all about swag. A world where people don’t slip, slurr or snort. Instead, in Furious 7, people speak through heavy-duty dialogues in heavy husky voices. They get angry, sad, happy all with such measured style that you feel like a clumsy clown by the end.

2. Stunts: Duh! Oh course Furious 7 is worth watching because of its stunts. But no seriously, of all the other in the series, Furious 7 has the most gripping stunts. Awesome things are happening that are totally worth watching on the big screen.

3. Physics: The Furious 7 team made new laws of physics during the making of this film. Anyone curious in that front, do check this film out. Gravity acts differently, time slows down in times of crisis and other mind-numbing things happen.

4. Dames: How can you watch a film with glitzy cars and muscular men and expect to have women treated as more than itsy-bitsy playthings? That’s what it’s mostly about in Furious 7 as well, keeping in sync with the tradition of the series.

5. Entertainment: Sometimes films are just about getting away from it all, putting your brain on airplane mode and relaxing. Furious 7 is one such film. It’s not a bad way to spend 3 hours watching middle-aged men act all powerful.


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